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My friend doesn’t seem to want to play with me anymore and it feels really bad…

LeagueofLegends2 - My friend doesn't seem to want to play with me anymore and it feels really bad...

I'm not good with people, during breaks at school/work I just tend to spend my time alone reading, but it's not that I don't like hanging out with people it's just that I'm shy and like being on my own reading. So I end up not having a lot of friends, but the ones I do have are really important to me.

One day one of my friends called me to play a game called *league of legends* which he said it was a moba like *Smite* so I said why not, went on a bot game and was told to pick whatever so I picked Tristana and went bot with him.

Even though I was awful and did not know how to even farm he never got mad at me, so I ended up having fun playing even though we lost alot. Months go by and I start to learn the very basics of the game and reach level 30.

He played with other people that I didn't know so I just waited for him to be alone so I could play just us two, one day he said he really needed one person so they could go flex. I was really nervous being in a call with 3 people I did not know and were tryharding so I just spent most of the time quiet and told when I had my cooldowns up. I was shaking when I landed my sona ult on the enemy adc and we got a kill. They said I played very well which made me feel really happy (was probably bronze v at the time).

Having so many experiences with this game I started feeling more and more emotionally invested in this game, I loved the characters, the new songs, the skins, that every match felt unique and most importantly I loved playing with my newly made friends.


Two years go by and most of my friends never log in again, except from my friend that logs in from time to time, as time passed he stopped asking me to play with him so I was always the one to try to hangout like we used to.. He now rarely plays with me at all, I don't know if I did anything because when we talk on discord everything seems to be ok.

We used to play at least two games each day, now it doesn't seem like he wants to play with me anymore. Which sucks since he was the only reason I found this amazing game, and the main reason I enjoyed most of it..

Today we were able to start inviting people for clash, I thought that maybe we could get the group back together since for ever. I was excited to hear that my friend would join clash with me, but suddenly at the end of the day my friend just leaves the clash team, he doesn't say anything about leaving so I asked him ''don't wanna play clash?'' he then said he was gonna play with his uni friends. I ended up feeling pretty bad being left out.

I guess as time goes by friends tend to move further away from you, even if you don't want to. But that's life, I hope he has fun with his new friends but I can't deny that this feeling sucks. I hope I can still enjoy league by myself. 🙂

I wrote this because I wanted to let these feeling out. Have a nice day.

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