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My league content is being stolen and i have no clue how to prevent it

LeagueofLegends2 - My league content is being stolen and i have no clue how to prevent it

Hey guys, i'm sorry for this post, but considering i'm a league-only creator, i feel like this deserves to be posted here.

I'm a small youtuber mainly memeing 4 my friends and reddit (500 subs) and after numerous and painful all nighters of trying to make my videos somewhat unique/ Less clunky/ more funny, i finally got some strongly good return from the community as a whole. I'm really happy as of how things are going, but recently i've been contacted by numerous people about a facebook meme page stealing my content. at first i thought they just posted it and credited me in the post but they just said " cre : Reddit "

Ngl i did not feel really that bad but let's just say that my friends on discord calling me a cuck for working my ass off the whole night and making another person's profit on this kinda made me mad, because it's true. I tried contacting the owner to tell him i was cool with it being posted but if i could atleast get properly credited

I'm now seeking for any suggestion to deal with this, anything really.

Here is my youtube channel

Here is my League of memes post https://www.reddit.com/r/LeagueOfMemes/comments/k9evt2/the_absolute_state_of_toplane_in_2020/

And here is the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/K98Legend/videos/194598772273286

Edit : Thanks a lot for all the suggestions. Surprisingly, some of you never made any content and still are more knowledgable than me on this matter. I have filed a complaint to Facebook. I hope that it will works out. Either way thanks a lot to everybody that took time to explain things i am unfamiliar with.


Edit 2 : Hello / seeing how things are turning, i hope you guys can understand some things here:

  1. Legal actions have been taken, I'm awaiting FB's approval but surely, it will work.
  2. you MUST NOT threaten/Dox/ Ask for self harm to the dude. It is indeed a scummy thing, but does not deserve such things as killing himself+ It does more harm to the cause than anything else. please keep your cool. Thanks a lot for the support and pray with me that the DMCA works.
  3. As expected, facebook does not care, at all. here is their response about this : Bonjour,

Nous vous remercions pour le signalement que vous nous avez adressé. Le ou les liens (URL) que vous avez fournis ne semblent pas correspondre à du contenu sur Facebook. Pour cette raison, nous ne pouvons pas donner suite à votre signalement pour le moment.

Vous pouvez contacter le tiers qui a publié le contenu signalé afin de résoudre le problème directement avec lui.



Translation ( made by me ) : Hello,

We thank you for the report that you just made. The URL submitted seems to not be affiliated with Facebook content ( My youtube video ). For this reason, we cannot give a follow up to your report.

You can try to contact the person that published the reported content in order to solve the problem directly with him.

Cordially, leopold

Well i tried atleast. Thank you all for the support, but i'm guessing that all i can do from now on is
to put a huge watermark that will be annoying as hell.

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