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My lethal tempo vietcongvern disagrees with you (guide for attack speed ivern)

LeagueofLegends4 - My lethal tempo vietcongvern disagrees with you (guide for attack speed ivern)

Just want to start of by saying I am no way the first person to do this build but quite a few people asked for a runes/items/path in another post so this’ll be how to play vietcongvern. This is done by phone so any mistakes I’ll edit later when I’m home. To start things off this build is like a mindset you have to think differently to a normal Ivern. You see that tank pushing top? Easy kill. You see their jungler going for scuttle? Wait in the bush for them before giving them the surprise of their life. Think like a true assassin. For runes I found the best was lethal tempo – triumph – legend alacrity – coup de grace then water walking and celerity. However only lethal tempo is core seeing as fast attacks are core for this build. Then for items you want to get talisman – redsmite – blood razor – nashors tooth – rage blade – runnans – then any last item (the games never lasted long enough but I’d probably get a tank item or a wits end) any boots are also fine to use. I personally liked mobis the most but that’s because I play ivern regularly and that’s my first item on normal ivern. Next for path you’ll want to ask your mid/top to come with you while your ward the buff opposite to where they start for example if you were red side you would ward their blue buff. Get an ally to come with you as you will die early. Then mark your buff and smite it straight away to get level 2. Run over to their buff mark it and wait in the bush as you have ignite you should win and get a free kill. Secure their buff then mark scuttle and the other camps on your side take scuttle then go to your other buff and smite it. Recall and grab redsmite and then continue to invade buffs and deep ward their jungle. You want to be as annoying to their jungle as possible. Once you kill them early you have made them fear you. Bush camping on ivern is a legit strat as you can mark all your camps then wait about in their jungle looking for them. For abilities you want to start Q to get around the jungle faster and W second for the range and extra damage. Max W and then Q your e is basically useless with this build as you don’t have aery/Unholy Grail/ any support items. I’ll link my video and op.gg as well and questions are encouraged I’m more than happy to answer any. http://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=Littiepantos. https://youtu.be/QdDvNvA86j8.

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