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My personal problem with Top lane is the power of the simple champions.

LeagueofLegends5 - My personal problem with Top lane is the power of the simple champions.

Before i go any further, yes you can make an argument for these champions having some things that can differentiate the players skill level and or other champions being easier. However in high gold/low plat everyone and their mother know how their lanning and trading patterns go.

My personal beef at the moment is with Garen, Darius, Sett and to a slightly lesser degree Mordekaiser.

Lets start with Garen. There are litterly two ways Garen trades in lane.
1. He starts with Q to deny the enemy the ability to trade back, uses E and stays on them. If the enemy isn't low enough to execute with ult or they used flash/mobility to get away, Garen backs off with W (which btw dosen't just give a 10% MAX HP shield, but also 60% damage reduction on top of the passive armor and magic resist) to absorb whatever poke is thrown after him while he disengages. If he somehow still took a decent amount of damage, maybe from minions, he goes away until his passive starts popping and he is ready to go in again.

  1. Same as before, but instead of backing off he uses ult to finish the enemy off.

Next up is Mr. Dunk himself, Darius.
His passive at level 3 gives him 40 AD if he gets to 5 stacks, so the enemy can't trade within auto range. Oh but even if you get away before he has 5 stacks on you, you lose the trade because the bleed at 3 stacks deals at level three deals 75 + 150% bonus AD (so even a dorans blade or long sword adds 15-20 dmg).


My personal problem with this guy is that he dosen't even have a trade pattern. He has a "you better have some mobility to get away from this" pattern. If you walk within melee range, you get hit by the 90% slow which lets him land 1-2 more auto's after which he can pull you in to guarantee another 2 autos and hit you with that beefy 5 stack Q.
If you have have some kind of ranged ability that allows you to farm from distance, he can walk behind your minions to completely keep you out of range. "omg just play a ranged champion" sure i do that sometimes, but there are two problems with that. First is that i don't always pick my champion before the enemy does, and two that even when you do play ranged you have to be so careful not to misstep or else he will still obliterate you, which i honestly think is fair in this case, but he dosen't just do it to ranged champs, but melee as well. His recent nerfs made it a little better, but all they really changed was that E can't be spammed.

I was gonna write some stuff about Sett and Mordekaiser as well, but this post is getting very long. I am sure many people disagree with what i say here, these are just my personal feelings. I know i am not alone in this, because when i ask my friends (who dosen't even main Top) about these champions they almost all feel the same. I fine with simple champions existing but as i have seen many others bring up, these are very very simple champions that are insanely strong. Even in my rank (High gold/low plat) every top laner knows how to use these champions at high efficiency in lane.

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