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My problem with the Blood Moon “event”.

LeagueofLegends7 - My problem with the Blood Moon "event".

The problem is there is not an event at all. There is a shop offer. I imagined an event, with different missions, giving you the chance to get a capsule at the end of it or invest in chromas, borders, icons and all that. What we got is a shop deal and if you want to participate, well, get that wallet out and start paying. I don't want to gamble for content, if I want a skin, I go and buy it, but it's still cool to get some random stuff from the loot system. It's there for a reason. I remeber the good times where everyone got the chance for at least one capsule and some free loot content… And if I want the Prestige Aatrox, I'd have to spend a small fortune for a golden chroma. The world pass was good enough. You want the skin, you invest some money and you grind like crazy, you don't want it, you still can take part in the event and enjoy it. Now it seems events are only for the ones who are willing to pay and this is stupid. What about the rest of the fanbase, that are not Aatrox fans, that are not willing to spend money to participate, that actually want get some rewards, but by playing, not paying. I mean, the shop is always there and you can always pay for chests and keys and gamble. What is the point of an event, if the only thing you can do during this event is spend money for something you can spend money for all year round. Capsules/Chests, same thing, just RNG reliant stuff… Where is the celebration for the whole player base ? It's just a thematic shop deal time.

I'm actually disappointed by this year's Blood Moon, not because I can't get free skin shards, but because I have to pay, to be part of it and that wasn't how League of Legends was. I sincerely hope they don't go for this type of "events" in the future, because it's the total opposite of fun and celebration…

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