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My problem with the upcoming “little legends” for Team Fight Tactics

LeagueofLegends9 - My problem with the upcoming "little legends" for Team Fight Tactics

So, for those of you who don't know, riot released a new dev blog about the little legends:


In this Dev blog, riot LunchBoy have confirmed that there will be 6 diffrent little legends, all with thier own 6 diffrent variants (to a total of 36 diffrent little legends or 37 including the default one).

LunchBoy also confirmed that we will be able to buy 2 diffrent eggs, which will include 18/36 different legends in it for the price of 490 rp.

So, let's go over the numbers for a moment:

In case you want a specific little legend variant you have 1/18 chance to get it. Each try egg will cost you 490 rp, so:

If you managed to get it on your first try, it will cost you 490 rp, and now our problem begins. Since there are 3 rank ups for each little legend, the next egg will still have a chance of 1/18 to drop your prefered skin and not 1/17…

But hold on a moment! LunchBoy also said "Some of these variants are rarer than others" or in other words, if you want a variant that looks cool, your chance at the first egg might not even be 1/18. It might be 1/36 or even 1/72 which doen't sounds too fun to waste money on such a slim chance.

So lets go back to the numbers for a second;

In case you managed to get your little legend on your first try, it will only cost you 490rp.

In case you finally got your legend after 36 tries (which is quite probable since they don't have the same drop chance and you can get 3 of each variant for a total of 54 shards for each egg, it will already cost you 17,640 rp which means wasting more then 100$ to maybe get your prefered level 1 little legend.

In case you want to unlock his 3rd level and you are super unlucky.. It will cost you 26,460 rp which is around 175$ (worst case scenario).

As you can tell.. Those prices are quite insane for a specfic little legend, and the current system might cost you quite a lot.


Now, just to make myself clear, I am not against riot selling little legends, or selling them in random boxes, BUT the current system is rigged against anyone who wants a specific little legend variant, especially if they have higher rarity (or in other words, lower drop rate). It is fair for riot to make money from thier game, thier skins, and thier little legends, but I do belive that right now they actually encourage gambling without even giving you you success rate.

It is quite possible to fix this problem in a lot of diffrent ways such as:

  1. Making all the little legends variants have the same drop rate

  2. Remove the levelups from the eggs. Let the players work to level thier variants up by using a new kind of currency + rp if needed or even by missions from the upcoming TFT Pass (currently free beta pass, I guess we'll have paid passes in the future)

  3. Give players the ability to buy a certain variant, or a random variant for a certain little legend for a higher price (I for exmple will prefer to pay 850 rp for a random pango then 490 for 1 of the 3 difffrent LL)

  4. Keep everything the same BUT let the players another way to buy the little legends eggs such as: crafting, TFT pass, Blue essence…

And I'm sure that there are many more fixes that are possible, those are just the ones that jump to my mind.

Anyway, I don't know about you guys, but as much as I want some little legends varaiants, I know that right now I'm not going to spend any rp for them, because it's not only gambling, it's gambling that you don't even know your success rate.

TLDR: Your chances of getting a specefic variant of little legend is lower then what you think. If you decide to try buying a certain variant, it will probably cost you more then you think so be advised 🙂

Also: sorry for any formatting mistakes, posting from my phone, and/or any english mistakes, not my native language.

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