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My Ryze Rework Proposal (Graphics Included)

LeagueofLegends8 - My Ryze Rework Proposal (Graphics Included)


For the past 7-8 months, I've been working on a new Ryze kit. I describe it as an "alternative 9.12". Some of you may have seen previous iterations I've shared here and on
ryzemains - My Ryze Rework Proposal (Graphics Included)


I want to do a better job of adding counterplay and balance levers than the most recent rework did (while preserving the "fun" and the skill expression). I don't expect Riot to use it; this is for my own satisfaction, and hopefully some of you enjoy it as well!

There are a lot of moving parts, which makes it really hard to get good feedback because people stop reading! I'm trying to add graphics in case that helps.


TLDR: Mana scalings are changed. They no longer give damage, but instead evolve Ryze's abilities past a certain bonus mana threshold. Flux autospread is removed. No more targeted root, EW slows and EWQ roots on Q hit. Shields are back, but not on EE rune charges (movespeed is only on EE). Realm Warp is replaced with a new "ramp up"-style Desperate Power ultimate.


Changed Mana Scalings ("Runic Awakening")

– Ryze's basic ability mana scalings are removed.

– When Ryze hits 1400 bonus mana, a portal appears inside of the fountain. Ryze can click on the portal to retrieve a Rune of Power and burn its essence into the Scroll. This transforms Ryze's abilities (changes are marked below). The abilities continue to upgrade incrementally with bonus mana.


E: Spell Flux

– Autospread removed; Spell Flux spreads like the previous version.

– AP Ratio increased by 5%.

RUNIC AWAKENING: Targets hit by Spell Flux have reduced Magic Resistance for 2 seconds; 8/16/24% at 1400/1700/2100 bonus mana. The duration will refresh with added Spell Flux hits (no stacking).


W: Rune Prison / Prison Flux

– No more targeted root.

– AP Ratio increased by 10%.

– When Rune Prison is cast on Spell Flux (EW), it creates Prison Flux. Prison Flux slows like Rune Prison.

– When Overload hits a Prison Fluxed target (EWQ), they're rooted for 1.75 seconds.

RUNIC AWAKENING: Rune Prison & Prison Flux upgrade. They Cripple the target by 20%/25%/30% at 1400/1700/2100 bonus mana while they're slowed. If the target is rooted by EWQ, Cripple is removed.



Q: Overload

– AP Ratio increased by 7.5%

– E and W charge different Runes. EE Runes give a speed boost.

– EW/WE/WW Runes give a shield that decays to 0 over 4 seconds.


RUNIC AWAKENING: W Runes "awaken". Before this, only E will charge Runes, and Ryze can't get a shield. The speed/shield boosts scale with bonus mana.



R: Desperate Power (abbreviated as DP)

– Realm Warp removed.

– DP has a 60-second static cooldown and an 8-12 second duration (scales with rank).


– When Overload hits a champ, Ryze gets a DP stack for 4 seconds (4 stacks max). Duration refreshes with added stacks.

– Overload's % damage bonus is restructured. Each DP stack gives Overload a % damage bonus on Spell Fluxed targets (stacks additively). Before Runic Awakening, this bonus is 20% per stack.

RUNIC AWAKENING: Desperate Power stacks give 30% bonus damage on fluxed targets.


RUNIC AWAKENING: This active portion is unlocked for use. Ryze can activate DP with 4 stacks.

– The 4 DP stacks remain for the duration.

– E and W charge double Runes. The speed buffs don't stack, but the buff will be refreshed.

– The shield buff is increased by 0%-50% (based on Ryze's missing health).

– Overload casts grant 2% added CDR (10% maximum, ignoring the cap). This resets if Overload isn't cast for 2 seconds.


– Ryze's mana costs double for the DP duration.

– When DP ends, Ryze cannot charge Runes or get DP stacks for 4 seconds.




– Removed damage from mana scalings

– Autospread flux removed

– Root is now a setup-reliant skillshot

– Realm Warp removed (no level 6 spike at all, really)

– % bonus damage is changed to lower burst substantially

– The various changes put severe limits on waveclear


– Runic Awakening's various "upgrades"

– AP scaling buffs

– % bonus damage is higher once "ramped up"

– Desperate Power active

All feedback is welcome! As I mentioned, I'm especially concerned with readability. I know that there's a lot to go through. Also, feel free to critique the numbers; they're placeholders, but I'm trying to make them somewhat reasonable. I'll include FAQs in a comment below. Thanks in advance!

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