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My take on a Dr. Mundo rework

LeagueofLegends2 - My take on a Dr. Mundo rework

Seeing as how Dr. Mundo lost the rework poll somewhat handily, I figure he's far off of ever seeing one now. In all honesty, I'm not sure he needs one as much as the other champions – but that won't stop me from throwing my hat into the ring and trying to come up with something.

Mundo right now has a fairly charming character. We have plenty of 'hulk-like' characters in league already. Big, lumbering giants who are going to roll into your team. Sion springs to mind as the obvious example. However, none of them are as goofy a character as Mundo is. Zac comes close, but he still has a head on his shoulders and his character is a lot calmer than Mundo's fairly deranged style. Mundo also has a fairly dedicated following, and I'd hate to change the champion too much that it loses the personality nor the current gameplay style.

There's a few goals I want to make sure this rework idea hits:

  • Keep the skill expression from tossing out cleavers the same
  • Keep the 'whacking people to death' theme – make him need to get into the frontlines rather than hang back and spam cleavers.
  • Keep the theme of an unstoppable, rampaging hulk.
  • Don't add in too much complexity
  • Don't add in any hard CC or gapclosers – no easy ways for him to get in on a target.

Mundo being a 450BE champ shouldn't be overly complex, no more than his single skillshot. Being a juggernaut, I also don't want him to have a super easy time getting onto his target. However, when he does, I want it to hurt. Mundo is this lumbering, heaving beast of a 'man', and stopping him any other way than putting him down is out of the question.** Dread it, run from it, Mundo arrives all the same.**

To that end, let me open with what will be the most contentious and probably most overpowered part of his kit:

Passive: Mundo Goes Where He Pleases

Dr. Mundo is permanently immune to all Crowd Control, except for Slows, Stasis and Suppression. When he would be affected by Crowd Control, he is instead slowed by 90% for the duration (for knockbacks, duration depends on distance). Abilities that require the target to be affected by CC can still be applied while he is slowed (Sejuani's E, Zoe's E extra damage, Swain's pull passive, etc.).

This is.. probably blatantly overpowered. I'd even consider making knockbacks still work. The 90% slow means that if he's 'stunned', he's still going to be hindered, but not as much as any other Juggernaut might be. Why suppressions still working? Because in my eyes, they're the most powerful form of CC lore-wise. Plus it means he has a few strict counters, but none in the top lane (… as soon as Tahm Kench gets out of there). For the last part of the passive, imagine that he's still technically stunned, he just moves anyway because Mundo doesn't understand what being stunned means. How this will interact with Yasuo ult, I have no idea. But does anyone mind if there's a champ mostly immune to Yasuo ult? (probably)

For the rest of these abilities, I'll try to avoid numbers where possible. I'd rather the focus be on the mechanics and their ideas rather than number balancing.

Q: Cleaver and Chain (Cost Unchanged)

Mundo throws a skillshot cleaver out, dealing damage to the first target hit and slowing them for 25%. Minions take a fixed amount of damage. If the target isn't a minion, it deals a % of their current health and attaches to them for up to 4 seconds. While attached, Mundo gains a small amount of movespeed towards the target, but his basic attacks do 80% damage. The target can move out of range to break the tether.

If Mundo hits the target with a basic attack while it is still attached, he rips the cleaver out, removing the tether, dealing a substantial amount of damage and refunding the health cost.

Mundo can recast this ability to prematurely yank the cleaver out, dealing a smaller amount of damage. Cleaver and Chain does not go on cooldown until the tether is broken.


Mundo had the clever idea to attach a chain to his cleaver, turning it into something like a flail, and then throwing it with enough force to embed it into people. The slow is weaker than his current one, because the damage could be much higher. I also wanted to discourage a mundo that sits at the back tossing cleavers out. If he wants to do the most damage, he's going to need to go in and get it. Thematically, the idea of a big juggernaut embedding a cleaver into you then forcefully ripping it out.. sounds like a horribly damaging thing to do. The tether range should probably be about the max length of the skillshot, so there's more benefit to holding your cleaver until you're close enough to guarantee the extra damage.

W: Agony Bomb

Mundo ignites his cleaver. After 2 seconds, it explodes. If the cleaver is currently attached to a target, or if Mundo hits a target with the cleaver, it instead immediately explodes in an area around the target. The explosion deals substantial magic damage to all enemies it hits, as well as 50% to Mundo himself if he is inside the blast radius.

Replacing his W with something a little more bursty, this turns his cleaver into an explosive that he can then send flying towards the enemy. It has some element of risk, since if he uses it and misses, he's going to wind up taking a lot of damage himself. Also encourages a tank build, since an assassin-building mundo is going to be hurting himself for a lot if he doesn't have the MR to survive his own attack.

E: Sadism

Passively, Mundo deals increased damage to the last target he's recently hit with a cleaver or his basic attacks.

On activation, Mundo's next attack strikes twice in quick succession, dealing a small amount of fixed damage on each hit, and costing Mundo some health. If this attack rips his cleaver out, Mundo enters a small frenzy, giving him increased attack speed for a few seconds based on his current % health.

E not much different to before, because I feel a basic auto-attack reset is fine enough (love the triforce build). Instead of increased AD, switch to AS instead, which means we can have some of his other abilities now scale off of AD. Also requires some level of player skill to get the buff. In a smackfest in top lane it should be easy enough to pull off.. and maybe even opens up Mundo jungle when combined with new Q? The passive on this E isn't here or there, it'd be the first thing to go, but I like the idea of Mundo really focusing down a single enemy in rage.

Ult: Adrenaline Burst (Cost unchanged)

Passively, Mundo regenerates a small % of his max health every few seconds. This passive is lost if Mundo is currently slowed by more than 60%

On activation, Mundo loses the ult passive and instead begins to regenerate a large portion of his maximum health over 12 seconds (less than current amount), as well as gaining Unawareness and increased movement speed towards enemies.

Unawareness grants Mundo reduced damage from all targets in a small radius around him.

Why keep the old ult? Because I couldn't think of much else and it's iconic enough. I moved his old passive to here because I felt it was worth keeping, but it can also be cut if need be. I initially had it on his E, but I felt moving it to a level 6 powerspike means he has some weaknesses in any early game fights, and can't just heal up any damage.
The Unawareness thing is a slight joke about Xin Zhao's ult buff called Awareness, which has the inverse effect. It also rewards Mundo for getting into the thick of it rather than using this defensively to run away.

I initially had a concept where it improved his basic abilities for the duration also, but it felt like it'd be kind of lame, plus there weren't enough ways to modify them to be more interesting. Shyvana and Gnar already fill the fantasy of having a 'Berserk Button' anyway, I don't think Mundo needs it.

Overall, this new Mundo should still feel like the old mundo, retaining his goofy style of play with some new scary tools, and keeping most of the aspects that make Mundo, Mundo. (I have to keep saying his name, or else I forget who the rework is for!). I am by no means an expert champion designer, nor am I a Mundo OTP, but I'd hope these ideas at least inspire you to think about one of League's oldest champions. I'm also open to thoughts on balancing!

Thank you for reading!

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