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My Tango Evelynn cosplay by Sawaka

LeagueofLegends4 - My Tango Evelynn cosplay by Sawaka

Hi guys! Today I want to share with you my Tango Evelynn cosplay story :3

uv9zpsccwgl41 - My Tango Evelynn cosplay by Sawaka


As you can see I did her both versions: before rework and after rework. Both cosplays was based on ingame model.

I really like Eve as character and founded her very interesting (especially in URF) and I decided to make cosplay. In 2014 I was very young and I’ve chose the most covered her skin. The most difficul part of this cosplay is wig, I've never done any wigs like this x) Also I really like doing fabric painting. I’ve been in this costume in neighboring city con and it was really hard to make my skin blue cuz I haven’t had any experience in that as you can see x) but it was fun


In January 2015 I’ve had a photoshoot, but I forgot all my makeup tools and thanks to my helper she make for me makeup from almost nothing T_T but I don’t really like this photoshoot now x)



In 2016 Russian Riot workers (I’m from Russia btw) decided to invite cosplayers from all country to LCL. And I was really happy they’ve choose my Eve! It was really fun! Also Riot workers invited me to participate in open ceremony! I was really shooked 0_0 I've met a loooot cool cosplayers and even Gambit team! I really looove how Riot games communicate with cosplayers and community <3 I’m so thankful to them. This event was soo magical for me!





As you know in 2017 Evelynn had rework and she become look even better then before. But only in this February I decided to make for her new costume and new photoshoot. And thanks God it doesn't need skin painting! I think this version is easier then past or maybe cuz I’m more experienced then back then x) the most difficult for me was skirt with many folds and also this fabric is very delicate. But I like how it turns <3



Sorry for my mistakes in English, I hope you enjoy my post <3

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