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My thoughts on League of Legends: Ashe Warmother Special Edition #1 from a huge comic book nerd

LeagueofLegends2 - My thoughts on League of Legends: Ashe Warmother Special Edition #1 from a huge comic book nerd

Overall, I found the first issue of Ashe: Warmother a great start to the League of Legends comicverse.

First, let’s start with the cover. The cover was done by Yasmine Putri, one of my favorite artists in the industry right now. In particular, I've been loving her variant cover art in Red Hood and the Outlaws.

The art in the book was done by Nina Vakueva, and goddamn was it fantastic. Every page, every panel was gorgeous. Every character looked distinct enough that I could easily tell them apart after their first appearance. The art also successfully told the story and stands out well independent of the writing. I honestly have zero complaints here. And I loved the bonus art after the end of the comic as well.


The writing was done by Odin Austin Shafer. The writing for the characters speaking was excellent, characterizing Ashe, her mother, and Maalcrom very well. They all had distinct personalities, and I can see our modern League of Legends Ashe in this young Ashe already. My only complaint is that at times, there was a little too much tell-not-show, where I wish it would let the art speak for itself, rather than having the purple bubbles explain for us. This page was the most glaring of it for me, in my opinion. It also felt as if there was a tad much exposition, but it was a #1 issue and this could be read by someone unfamiliar with game lore, so that is totally understandable.

I do have a few complaints, mostly on the logistical end. Firstly, the price, $4.99. That’s a lot for a single comic book. Most are $2.99 or $3.99 nowadays. While the comic does have a lot of extra content in the form of the extra art in the back of the book, I find it hard to justify the price since this book will come out for free at a later date. The other complaint I have is a lack of a physical floppy. I understand that a trade paperback is coming out in May, and that’s totally fine, but I tend to buy my comics physically, in my local comic shop.

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All-in-all, I definitely enjoyed the issue and am excited to read more.

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