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Mythic item diversity graphs and analysis, with proper data.

LeagueofLegends8 - Mythic item diversity graphs and analysis, with proper data.

Having seen the post on the front page about
quick gameplay thoughts feb 26 - Mythic item diversity graphs and analysis, with proper data.

Riot's post using incorrect data to analyze mythic item popularity, I thought I could recreate their graphs using actual data. I pulled data for 11.3 (same patch that riot used) from lolalytics for plat+. Took me a couple hours from my laptop in bed. Here are the results (I sorted them from most embarassing to least embarrassing).

Access the raw data here. (you can hover the graphs here and see the item names much easier, the legend is very hard to read).

A few more fun facts while I have the data on hand (ask me anything in the comments!)

  • Out of 154 champions, 75% of the time…
    • 52 choose a single mythic item
    • 72 choose between 2 mythic items
    • 30 choose between 3 or more mythic items
  • The least diverse champions is Samira, picking Shieldbow 97% of the time.
  • The most diverse champion is Volibear, with his most popular item being Frostfire Gauntlet 27% of the time!!


13 hits, 11 misses (Riot – 24 hits, 0 misses). Yikes.

No, Amumu does not have a diverse build path. He builds Sunfire 90% of games.

No, Braum does not build Sunfire in 15% of games, he builds it 1.7% of the time. And he most certainly does not build Shieldbow in 7% of games!

l6com0g5d2k61 - Mythic item diversity graphs and analysis, with proper data.



6 hits, 5 misses (Riot – 10 hits, 1 miss)

No, Bard does not build Night Harvester in 14% of games.

No, Sona does not have a diverse build path. She goes Moonstone 86% of the time, not 51%.



AP Assassin and Fighters

10 hits, 8 misses (Riot – 14 hits, 4 misses)



23 hits, 10 misses (Riot – 27 hits, 6 misses)



21 hits, 14 misses (Riot – 31 hits, 5 misses)



19 hits, 5 misses (Riot – 21 hits 3 misses). Not bad at all!


AD Assassin

10 hits, 0 misses (Riot – 9 hits 1 miss). Pretty good!


Note: I only included items with > 1% pickrate in the tables and graphs, for clarity. However, I kept the original pickrates as the values, and used them when calculating hits/misses.

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