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Mythic items and itemization, in general, aren’t as creative as I think they could be.

LeagueofLegends7 - Mythic items and itemization, in general, aren't as creative as I think they could be.

For being build defining items, the stats that most of them give are very similar, and the fact that certain paths completely lock you out of certain stats like mana or ability haste feels very bad. Take being a mage for example. If you want to have any sort of mana, you have to get a tear but without getting one of the 2 mythic items that give mana, you are forced to either sit on your tear or to finish your Seraph's (which build path feels awkward btw) which feels very inefficient without the +600 mana that Luden's or Liandries provides.

Another thing that feels like it isn't really reaching its full potential before we head into next season is the Mythic bonuses. There is so much potential for a cooler and more unique mythic bonus that could actually make your build feel more malleable, but instead, it is just like here is some haste, here is some attack speed, did we mention that you can get movement speed on Galeforce and Shurelya's? Items that have much more unique mythic passives like Divine Sunderer giving hybrid pen, or Locket that gives a scaling aura of stats to you and your allies are the direction that I feel more items should explore. For example, there could be a mythic bonus like "Ability Haste to your allies" so if they aren't building any you can supplement that as a support.


Lastly, and a little off-topic, with the removal of most items with actives that can actually proc the second half of the rune, isn't it an oversight that Glacial Augment didn't even receive any slight mechanical changes this preseason? The rune lost it's only niche and I can't see why you would take it as it anymore. The only items that can proc it make no sense to build in most cases (Turbo Chemtank, Everfrost (????), and Randuins). I don't get the transition away from active items in general and feel like, again, that an avenue for mythic items, or even some legendary items, to have some innovative and interesting new mechanics introduced through is lost.

Overall I think that there is not really enough build flexibility with the current items and I feel more shoehorned into building much more similarly every game than I did last season. I feel like there should either be new Mythic items introduced or some Legendary items reworked into Mythic (or vice versa). While I get that maybe too many changes would make the game unrecognizable and this is something that might be more of a discussion down the road, I wanted to discuss it. This is the preseason and the time that we explore ideas that will be much harder to change into the season. I think that more thought should be given into itemization because as it is right now I think it could be more creative.

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