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NALCS Worlds Players International Appearances Stats

LeagueofLegends7 - NALCS Worlds Players International Appearances Stats

I was thinking about the relative experience and records of North America's representatives at Worlds 2019, and I decided to throw together some stats for all you dirty stat-lovers out there. I've put together the game score and match score against the different regions for 1 player from each of the 3 Worlds teams from the NALCS

Huni: I think Huni has one of the most interesting careers of any League Pro still playing the game today. He's played for 5 teams across 3 different regions, and he's attended worlds in 2015, 2017, and now 2019.

Spicy Fun Facts:

-Huni has only lost 1 game against NA internationally in his career, to C9 in week one of the 2015 Worlds Group Stage when he was playing for Fnatic.

-Huni has never won a match against a Korean team. His 2 game wins are from Fnatic's 2-3 series against SKT in the quarterfinals of MSI 2015.

-All of Huni's games against the LMS have been against either FW or AHQ. He's 4-1 against FW, but 2-3 against AHQ.

-Huni holds a 3-1 record against Sneaky in international play, but is 8-11 against him in domestic play, including losing 2 series against him on Immortals in 2016.

Tournaments Attended: MSI 2015, Worlds 2015, MSI 2017, Rift Rivals 2017, Worlds 2017, Rift Rivals 2018

Best Placings: MSI 2017 Champion, Worlds 2017 Finalist

Overall Game Score in International Play: 36-27

Overall Match Score in International Play: 5-3

Korea: 2-11 Match: 0-3

China: 10-5 Match: 2-0

Europe: 9-6 Match: 2-0

LMS: 6-4 Match: 1-0

NA: 6-1

Minor Regions: 3-0

Sneaky: Sneaky has attended worlds more times than any other player in history, and always with the same team. The story of Sneaky is the story of C9. I figured I would stick with the C9 results, but interestingly, Sneaky has one international result from the LCS era that was not on Cloud9: an 0-2 loss to Gambit at the MLG 2013 International Exhibition where he was playing with Dignitas. This match is not included in the statistics below. There are a bunch of Bo3s in here, which are not included in match-score statistics.

Spicy Fun Facts:

-Sneaky has played against Fnatic quite a bit over the years. He's 6-10 against them overall, but 0-3 in BO series, including 2 1-2 Bo3 losses at Worlds Season 3 and the IEM 8 Championship, as well as their devastating 0-3 loss in the Worlds 2018 Semi-Finals. Excluding games against Fnatic, Sneaky has a positive record against EU teams at 11-8

-Sneaky's only Bo5 against a chinese team is a tough loss 2-3 against WE in the Worlds 2017 Quarterfinals, but he maintains an even 9-9 record against them overall.

-Sneaky has a ton of games played against minor regions due to participating in Play-ins 2 years in a row. Sneaky has never lost a Bo1 against a minor region team, as his 2 game losses happened during their Worlds 2018 Play-Ins knockout match against Gambit.


-Sneaky has played 21 games against Korea, but has only played against 5 Korean organizations in these games. He is 0-5 against SKT, 2-9 against Samsung/Gen-G, 1-2 against Najin White Shield, 0-1 against GE Tigers(Group Stage of IEM 9 Championship) and 3-0 against Afreeca.

Tournaments Attended: Worlds 2013-2018, IEM 8 Cologne, IEM 8 Championship, All-Star 2014, IEM 9 San Jose, IEM 9 Championship, IEM 10 Cologne, Rift Rivals 2017, Rift Rivals 2019

Best Placings: IEM 9 San Jose Champion, Worlds 2018 3/4th

Overall Game Score in International Play: 56-48 (38-46 against major regions)

Overall Match Score in International Play: 4-4 (2-4 against major regions)

Korea: 6-15 Match Score: 1-2

China: 9-9 Match Score: 0-1

Europe: 17-18 Match Score: 1-1

LMS: 6-4

Minor Regions: 18-2 Match: 2-0

Doublelift: You knew it was coming. Doublelift has been to Worlds and other international events with 3 teams during the LCS era.

Spicy Fun Facts:

-Doublelift's record against European teams is not as good as it looks. TSM's 8-1 performance at Rift Rivals 2017 is a substantial piece of why it looks better than it is. Ignoring this tournament puts Doublelift at 17-20 against Europe, and 0-3 in Bo5s.

-Doublelift has never played a Bo5 series against a Korean Team, and excluding their 2-0 over Jin Air at IEM 10 San Jose, is 1-10 against Korean Teams. His only other victory was against Samsung Galaxy in the group stage of Worlds 2016 with TSM. Doublelift's teams' inability to take games off of Korean teams has resulted in them dropping out of tournaments during the group stage multiple times.

-Despite holding a losing record against Chinese teams on the whole, including being 1-5 against RNG, Doublelift won his only Bo5 Series against a Chinese team, upsetting defending world champions Invictus at MSI 2019.

Tournaments Attended: Worlds 2015-2018, IEM 8 Cologne, IEM 9 Cologne, IEM 10 San Jose, IEM 10 Championship, Rift Rivals 2017-2019, MSI 2018, MSI 2019

Overall Game Score in International Play: 49-45

Overall Match Score in International Play: 3-3 (2-3 against major regions)

Korea: 3-10

China: 6-8 Match Score: 1-0

Europe: 25-21 Match Score: 1-3

LMS: 6-4

Minor Regions: 9-2 Match Score: 1-0

One of the weirdest little facts in this whole thing is that Huni, Sneaky, and Doublelift all hold 6-4 all-time records against LMS teams.

Hope you enjoyed these stats. I'm psyched to see how their records change at Worlds this year. Huni could receive his first game loss against a minor region, and Doublelift has a chance to even up his record against China if they can 2-0 IG, a team he is currently 3-3 against. And if C9 2-0 G2, Sneaky will have a positive record against Europe. Things look tough for NA this year, but when have they not? I'm excited to see how it all plays out.

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