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Neeko’s Damage

LeagueofLegends2 - Neeko's Damage

I have been seeing a lot of people complaining about Neeko's damage, so I decided to make a few tables with some comparisons.

I compared with Lux because they have kinda similar kits, both are supposed to be mid/support and their builds are super similar.

Here are the tables

That's a lot of stuff to look at, but the most important ones are the last few, those have direct comparisons of damage similar to what you would have in-game.

The 2 main conclusions I take from these tables are:

  • Neeko is more reliant on ap than Lux when it comes to burst damage
  • Neeko has less damage than Lux in almost all situations

The one I wanna stress the most is the last one. These tables were made assuming Neeko hits her entire Q and she STILL has less damage than Lux at basically all times.


Not only that but Lux's ult has a much lower cooldown than Neeko's. Plus it has a higher range and is overall easier to hit.

To further add to this, utilizing Neeko's W passive on champions requires micro-managing it, which, while not being super hard, is an added effort. If Neeko decides to randomly throw out her combo 67% of the time she won't have a W proc.

TL, DR: Neeko doesn't have nearly as much damage as people seem to think. The 130% ap scaling on the ult really isn't that impressive, for comparison, Zoe's q has up to 150% ap scaling.

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