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Neeko’s early-mid game was OP, but a mid to late game bug is what really makes/made her beyond OP when it happens.

LeagueofLegends10 - Neeko's early-mid game was OP, but a mid to late game bug is what really makes/made her beyond OP when it happens.

I posted this here too: https://www.reddit.com/r/neekomains/comments/b08pp7/neekos_earlymid_game_was_op_but_a_mid_to_late/

I've been playing onhit Neeko since release and have 220 games played with her in Ranked so far. (D4 now).

I've been testing a bunch of builds over the past months, a bunch of my early games used to be Grasp Neeko and then conq Neeko when it was changed and eventually the PTA/domination build in patch 9.4. In between stuff like lethal tempo on botlane or glacial augment were tested as well. I was a firm believer of nashors into rageblade at first, rageblade into whatever after some patches, and then went with the flock and went bork into rageblade since. That build was broken for the obvious reasons (It makes you true hybrid, which is hard to build against, and the active effect of bork + bork %current health is just insane on Neeko). I even used to do W into Q max early on. Don't remind of suffering through the W bugs on towers. I know my stuff by now.

Neeko does a LOT of objective damage. Her damage to baron and dragons is insane, next to her obvious turret pushing. But something always felt off when doing Baron. I felt that at moments I was doing triple damage with W, often doing 1000+ damage in one very short time span (<1s).

I've never thought about testing why I felt like doing triple damage. Well, i actually was sure I was doing triple damage. So now she got hit so hard I decided to check it and behold, there is a massive W bug that gets even stronger with guinsoos and Lethal Tempo. I have the feeling some people have talked about the odd refresh rate the W passive sometimes gets. Before the AS growth nerf it was really easy to hit 2.0 AS with 2.5 or 3 items + boots I believe. Around 2.0 AS is where the bug starts.

In situations WITHOUT rageblade, it seems that, and it is not during every AA rotation you start, you often start a rotation where you do 3(!) normal attack animations + 1 empowered animation. Basically, your W buff doesn't refresh properly anymore because of your high AS. What it does though is having your 3rd normal AA + your empowered AA both do the W damage. With other words you do TWO normal AA's and TWO empowered AA's per rotation.

WITH rageblade it's more obvious. You do 2 normal AA's and 1 empowered AA, while you expect to do 1 normal AA + 1 empowered AA. Rageblade gives you a ghost attack every other AA. Guess what happens? That's right. Your second normal AA and your empowered AA both do W damage as in the previous example without rageblade, but since you do double on hit on every other AA one of your W empowered attacks will always do DOUBLE W damage.

This means that your rotation will look like this. In this situation I will start with ghost attack on the first auto: Normal auto (double damage ghosted) -> second normal auto with W damage -> third empowered auto (DOUBLE W damage cause of ghosting) -> Normal auto -> Second normal auto (double W damage because of ghosted) -> Empowered W attack -> repeat.

This makes your upfront burst damage when you start a rotation that is bugged with rageblade incredibly high. Beyond broken even. Whenever you get a broken rotation on someone that person will die a lot faster than normally.

You thought her early and mid game were strong? This is what made her so OP after completing a couple of items.


It's not every rotation you start that you will get the bug. It's a 1/5 or 2/5 chance you'll start a bugged rotation. And I'm quite sure you need to stand in max range at 2.0 AS. The higher your AS gets after that, the closer you can be to get a bugged rotation.

Oh and Lethal Tempo 100% guarantees the bug after testing that.

It isn't necessarily a bug, but more bad design. The W buff stacks when an AA lands instead of when you fire an AA, which makes it so that high enough AS with sufficient range can give you two attacks being in the air at the same time. The last stack, which says you're next AA is an empowered one probably is a buff coded to have the AA landing when you have that buff being empowered. It normally isn't an issue since the empowered animation is an instant attack, but when firing an AA just before you get that buff, when the previous AA lands, that one slow AA also gets that buff.

Edit: This by all means is not to complain about the nerfs, although I feel like they shouldn't have touched her AD growth. I admit that she's too oppressive in lane and needed those nerfs. This bug/design flaw is just something that makes this strong tomato in a monster tomato once she can reach the AS threshold through whatever means.

The 2.0 AS was, even without lethal tempo, very easy to reach with very little items prior to the AS growth nerf, so it already received quite a hit

EDIT 56116: Your best build to use this design flaw would be Lethal tempo and Zerkers + Nashors + Rageblade + whatever AS or AP item. AP if you want more burst in your lethal tempo rotation, AS if you want to almost permanently have the multiple attack thing.

On a training dummy from full health, starting with max guinsoo's stacks, with BORK, rageblade, nashors, zerkers and PD (2.21 AS) + normal AS Neeko runes (PTA):
– to 15k damage done without bug: around 19 seconds
– to 15k damage done with bug: 16.84 seconds


Lethal Tempo: Oh my, with lethal tempo you can 100% reproduce this bug if you get a rageblade. This will make lethal tempo an incredibly OP rune choice on Neeko

Hail of Blades: NEVER pick this. If you go over 2.0 AS with hail you have a huge chance to get a bugged rotation where you do 3 normal AA's + 1 Empowered.

EDIT: Do note that at 2.0 AS you need to stand in max range to reproduce the bug. The higher your AS, the closer you can be. If you have 2.5 AS and get a lethal tempo proc bringing you to 3.2 AS, you can almost hug the enemy and still get the bug.

Note that with Lethal Tempo and rageblade you will, at max AA range, 100% reproduce the bug during lethal tempo, but often won't have the bug in the same AA rotation without the buff. It starts bugging again once lethal tempo activates.


PTA, no rageblade. As you can see it takes some tries:
6lnyx - Neeko's early-mid game was OP, but a mid to late game bug is what really makes/made her beyond OP when it happens.


PTA, With rageblade, lot easier: https://streamable.com/0zep6

Lethal Tempo, bug 100% during buff:

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