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Never mained ADC before so gave it a try. One month climb from Bronze to Diamond. My experience with ADC.

LeagueofLegends10 - Never mained ADC before so gave it a try. One month climb from Bronze to Diamond. My experience with ADC.

Played since 2012. Have hit Diamond+ on all roles except ADC. Grandmaster with Sup, Master with Top, D1 with mid, and D3 with JG. Never played ADC seriously before and it was my worst role. Finally took the time to learn ADC from Bronze 3 in September to Diamond in October. Here are some things I've learned that may help you climb.

  • The MMR I started at was Gold 4+ and never anything below it. For Gold rank the ADC that I heavily won with, 80% winrate, was Ezreal. My #2 pick was Tristana. I picked Ezreal because Gold supports don't know how to peel in teamfights during midgame+lategame. So if you pick meta champions, Ashe, Jhin, Caitlyn, Senna, it won't matter at all because you will be dead and you will lose. Gold supports barely have a clue what they are doing or don't know what they are supposed to be doing, so relying on them to save your life is basically suicide.

  • I pick Ezreal because I don't care about what my support does, I will win the game. They can engage in lane when enemy has 12 minions and we have 3, I will just let them die and continue csing for my Manamune. If the enemy mid lane Zed or Yone or Yasuo gets fed I don't really care either because I can build Tabis, Iceborne Gauntlet, Death Dance, and even Zhonya if I feel like it's right. Ezreal is the perfect counter to low elo clown fiesta games.

  • I also picked Tristana because of her easy escape and because she's basically an assassin. If someone picks Senna or Jhin or Ashe, it's basically GG. Immobile ADC vs a Hail of Blades Tristana will just get demolished. With a few kills you don't even need your support to follow you, just jump in and get a kill then jump out. Then translate your lead into river fights with your jungler and even gank mid by yourself. You are an assassin. Very good at punishing low elo players who overextend and don't know they are in a death zone. You don't want to go late with Trist picks because teamfights become fiesta and you will die because nobody will peel for you. Get a lead then translate your lead onto your jungler and mid laner for the best and fastest way to win as Trist.

  • Once I hit Plat 4 the bad habits I developed while playing overconfidently against lower elo players began to get punished heavily. I was stuck at this rank for a little bit. Ezreal began to fail against meta champions because the supports were getting better and better at punishing Ezreal's weak early game so I couldn't just scale freely like I did in Gold. 80% WR starting dropping to the 65% area and I stopped playing Ezreal altogether. Never played another game of Ezreal from then on. (Tried Aphelios, he is SHIT, had 40% winrate with him and demoted to Gold 1 twice because I tried forcing Aphelios. DO NOT PLAY THIS GARBAGE, at least wait until next patch where he gets buffed.)

  • Demoted to Gold 1 twice and was really struggling. Ezreal and Tristana failed because I kept W'ing and E'ing in. Not really suicide jumps but reviewing my games I would ask myself, "Did I REALLY need to W on Trist or E on Ezreal at the times that I did? Could I have just waited patiently for my other moves to CD or my teammates to help?" For example, an ally Leona lands an ult and flies in. I immediately W and E in then Q. We get a kill but enemy jg and mid are there now. I die because I have 0 escape but I got the kill on enemy ADC and my support lives. Is this play really worth it? In my eyes, no. It's not good enough to climb out of Plat 4. It's the perfect way to STAY in Plat 4. So I start adjusting my playstyle, start using my escape moves VERY conservatively. Ally Leona lands an ult and flies in, I then W and auto, walk up and Q, auto, walk up and Q again to get the kill. Still have E, jungler and mid comes and I can get away. I actively changed how I used each ADC's most important skill by learning not to waste it in situations where I question myself if I REALLY needed to use it or not. Survived a lot more and instead of going 1 for 1, I start developing big leads that accumulate into bigger leads. That's what will make you climb as ADC. Winning small fights and doing your best to not give anything back in return.

  • Fell from P4 to Gold 1, started playing only Jhin. Climbed from Gold 1 to Plat 2 within a few days. Jhin is very strong atm, his raw damage early game is the one of the best of all meta ADC's atm. And his movement speed makes his midgame and lategame strong against certain comps that need to chase him. Jhin has a very easy time controlling the wave. If the enemy wave is too big you can thin it out easily for a better freeze. If enemy wave is too small you can easily shove it and enemies can't contest the push. Grenade + E allows for very easy wave manipulation. Continued playing Jhin with a mix of Ashe and Senna and eventually hit Plat 1.

  • Struggled in Plat 1 for a bit, played a few Ashe games with 67% winrate overall but eventually stuck to only playing Senna once I got into higher LP in plat, 70LP+. Senna is my #1 pick for plat players to get to Diamond. Her laning phase is easy and you can stay in lane forever with her Q healing yourself and your support. CSing is a little hard especially if you're constantly getting shoved in by Ashe or Jhin but the souls make up for the missed CS during mid and late game. Her trades are very easy because it's just auto, Q, auto then run. If your team is popping off you can support them with slows, snares, heals, and shields, along with burst damage letting your teammates kill them easier. If your team is 50/50 you can still swing the fights just because of Q heals and R shields. If you're behind, scale into late game and become a monster that bursts squishies to half health from a screen away. Had a winstreak with Senna and hit D4 after playing 33 Senna games with a 67% winrate. Getting into Diamond was all about rotating fast to help jungle plays in river and wave control to either freeze for ganks or fast push for dragon control. Senna is the best ADC to support your team early to mid game and then turns into a carry in late.

  • Besides champion picks, here is how I played each part of the game. Early game – heavily focused on wave control and csing. Almost 100% of the time I let the enemies push towards me. I don't let them shove into me and fast push, I let them push into me while I thin out their waves and create a freeze on my side of the lane. Enemy ADC's in plat still don't really know WHY they are pushing, they just autopilot push thinking that if they are the ones pushing then they are the ones winning lane. Which is really dumb, you want to push for a purpose, either to RESET, to ROAM, or SETUP FOR DRAGON. Pushing really hard just just to get frozen in front of the enemy tower happens on the enemy team like 95% of the time then my jungler comes and we get free ganks.

  • Early game is all about wave manipulation, CSing, and short burst trades in lane. You want to trade when you are the ones slow pushing the lane. It's the best time to trade. You will have more minions to back you up and the enemy will be naturally retreating since their waves are getting pushed in. Taking a trade while the enemy is slow pushing towards you is the best way to throw the game away. SHORT BURST TRADES are the best trades to do. You chip the enemy health down until you can have an extended fight and win it.

  • Mid game – Mid game happens when either you or your enemy's bot lane tower falls. Bot rotates mid and mid rotates bot. When this happens, ADC's main focus should be to FARM CS. And that's really it. Let your support ward side brush and you just farm Mid lane minions and then sit back and wait for another wave. You'll be doing this for nearly all of mid game. Farm mid wave, then fall back to a tower and chill. The only time this rhythm is broken is when dragon spawns. Then you reposition for drag fights, then go back mid and focus on FARMING. Rotate to fights if your teammates are fighting within the vicinity of mid, if they aren't then you just keep farming. If they are then just rotate to the fight. I am not kidding when I say mid game focus for ADC is literally STAY MID and FARM. I've had many, many games playing Jhin or Senna where I would just shove mid lane out then stand by my first tower waiting to see if I need to rotate anywhere. If not, I just wait for mid lane waves to come and then I farm and go right back to my tower and chill if no objectives are spawning or teammates are positioning for fights. I've had a Jhin game where I didn't die for a whole 32 minutes because I just stayed mid and played safe with the team and ended up carrying with 4 items.

  • Late game – Transition from Mid-Late game is all about rotations and positioning. If no allies are in front of you, you are positioning wrong. If you're the first one to rotate as ADC, you're rotating wrong. You don't move anywhere as ADC without your team moving there ahead of you. If you go first you will die and you will lose. If nobody moves to a play that you want to rotate to, you just let it go and keep farming. Forcing a play as an ADC is the easiest way to lose a game and never climb. ADC only follows and makes the best out of what their team decides to do by having good position in the back and hitting whatever is closest to them. You can't walk past ANYONE or else you will have a chance of dying. Hit whatever is in front of you and save your escape ability, NEVER USE IT unless you absolutely need to dodge a Camille E or Darius Flash E.

And besides that I've learned that ADC don't really get to play League of Legends until about 15-20 minutes. Other champions can get a 1300g item and immediately become relevant by 5-10 minutes because their champion kits allow them to do so. They can roam and fight constantly because they aren't feast or famine on items or gold because their base kits are so strong that it is still useful even when behind. (Akali, Irelia, Yasuo, Fizz, Zed, etc…) They can be 0/2 then roam bot and kill the ADC with Infinity Edge because their kit is overloaded in damage and cc/utility when compared to ADCs. It's really two completely different games that ADC and every other role plays.

ADC is constantly feast or famine and so heavily focused on farming just to stay relevant and you still end up getting one shot by an enemy champion. Some games I felt like I was just bait to die so the other broken champs could carry even if I went 3/0 in lane as Ashe and have Essence Reaver + Runaans, I just insta die to a Kha'zix and feel so irrelevant to the game except for the fact I acted as bait for the Kha to engage and him and I both die.

That's why I ended up just playing Senna and being a 2nd support because ADC role is either you 2nd support or you act as bait. It's definitely in the minority of games where you are hard carrying while your team perfectly frontlines and peels for you.

TLDR: ADC role kinda sucks. 4 other roles play league of legends while you play farming simulator just to get one shot by a Rengar/Khazix at 20-30 minutes. Either you play ADC as 2nd support, Senna, or be the bait and hope your team can capitalize on the assassins who murder you instantly. ADC players don't get to just spam moves like other roles, you spam you die. Save your moves for very specific times and you'll notice you die less often. Would grind to D1 with ADC but I'm burnt out on the role atm. Switching back to JG on another account.

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