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New Champion (Concept) With Animated Login Screen

LeagueofLegends8 - New Champion (Concept) With Animated Login Screen

<—Login Screen

Horror-themed, sound-based Jungler/Support champion concept. Worked on this on the side for fun because I love the character development process. The above animated splash/login screen is the final result.

MUTTER – The Banshee Queen



"Have you heard of the ghost that haunts these lands?"

Grandmama's eyes twinkled. She smiled as my siblings and I shook our heads in intrigue."It lives in the woods. A mother and widow in life, she had to endure the deaths of her four children to a perilous old war, and the loss of her babies destroyed her mind and heart. She did horrible, unspeakable things––even died for it by hanging. But the pain kept her from leaving this world, and now…"Grandmama leaned in towards us, her eyes widened, shifting to the corners of the room to make sure no one else was listening before she whispered… "Now she flies through the trees. A swift black shadow of a mother's vengeance and grief––a creature called the Mutter. Do well to run should you hear its dreadful shriek, lest she find and embrace you with nail and thorn, never to be seen again…!"

Or do well to run from Grandmama's stories, we now say. We didn't sleep a wink that week.




The player would hear her muttering to herself during the game. She'd sound anxious, sometimes crying, rapid breathing––fractured and nearly indiscernible voice lines

<"….my babies…..where…..gather them….">

<"…please…..mummy's here…….mummy's come…..">

Here are some ideas about her kit. I think there could be some interesting things involving sound with her.


PASSIVE – A MOTHER'S INSTINCTS: Very similar to Warwick's passive except instead of gaining speed from low enemy HP, it would be from low ally HP as she would be encouraged to rush in and protect allies or what she considers to be her "children." I think there are lots of motherly-minded League players who don't yet have a mother-like champion to express their TLC through and this is one way to do that at least in the horror genre. EDIT: Boooels just informed me this is actually Soraka's passive, so here's a different one: UNDEATH: As a ghost that haunts the jungle, if Mutter is killed she waits 10-50% less time than all other champions (depending on current health of ally champions) before returning, and will have the option to respawn at home base or in a random location on her side of the Jungle.

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Q – ?

W – HAUNT: Perhaps the enemy is always able to hear Mutter's crying when she's closeby (even when hiding), constantly notifying everyone of her presence. But that can be used to her advantage if she uses W to place an Echo of herself into a Brush, which also makes noise to signal that she may be near, even if it's not really her. When an enemy gets too close to the Echo's brush, the Echo leaps out towards the enemy and screams, looking indistinguishable to Mutter, inducing Fear for 1s before vanishing. Haunts within Brush act as a limited Ward and will make a special small Ping for the entire team when they are triggered.

E – EMBRACE: A ravenous lunge forward + slash; Similar to Warwick's ultimate but of course not as powerful. Lunges (or blinks?) forward and tears target to shreds with her nails. Causes 0.5s of Fear upon the leap. Can target allies instead to latch onto them for about 1.5s and take any damage they would take instead, with slightly increased armor for that duration.

R – SCREAM: Mutter shrieks in a direction causing a cone-shaped hitbox that can reach halfway across the map. It induces Fear 1s – 3s depending on range and level. Because we're dealing with sound, the fear effect is almost instantaneous, even at very long distances. Does not cause any damage unless the enemy is in front of Mutter. Great for being able to save your ally from death or to help them secure a kill. Likely needs a long cooldown. Encourages the player to be very vigilant of the map as a mother is always watching over her kin…

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