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New champion idea: John

LeagueofLegends12 - New champion idea: John

Every new champion release, we get a bit more disappointed. We got Viego, the ruined simp, Sera-whatever, Rell?(Who was this again?).

We need someone more interesting, someone more unique, someone with a lovable attitude.

So hear me out.

We need John, the Business Major

Lore: John is a business major from Piltover. He currently works as a secretary and accountant for the Targonian aspects after getting abducted by Zoe because she had been charged with tax evasion.

Release skin: Battlecast John

John is Viktor's second in command. He manages the building of the battlecast army. He has some doubts about Viktor's ideals, but at least he still has a job.

Passive: Hi I'm John

Friendly guy in the workplace, you don't know why, but you can't help but like him. John takes 20% less damage from all sources.

At the beginning of the game, John will get able to invest in stocks. Stocks 1 would be health, 2 would be mana, 3 would be gold. He can only hold a certain stock at a time, and he must sell his stocks in order to get different ones.

Killing or participating in a kill would increase the value of your stocks while dying will decrease the value of your stocks.

(John doesn't have to invest in stocks at the start. There is no time limit on your stocks, but if your stocks go negative, you will get negative stats. Less health/mana/gold debt respectively. These stocks can stack infinitely positive, but only a certain amount negative.)

Q: Funny guy

CD: 15/14/13/12/11

John makes a clever remark, channeling for 3.5 seconds. If John completes the channel, any unit within earshot (excluding neutral monsters) will be charmed for 2 seconds. Any champion hit will decrease the ability by 1 second.


(Channel time decreases with levels)

(Range increases with levels)

W: Clumsy guy

CD: 8 at all levels

John accidentally spills some coffee on the floor, applying a root for 0.25 seconds, slowing for 50%, and deals 25 true damage on splash and 5 true damage per second every second they are in the spill. The spill lasts for 5 seconds.

(Spill duration increases with levels)

(Damage increases by levels)

E: Smiley guy

CD: 40/35/30/25/20

John smiles his bright, white smile for 10 seconds, blinding and charming everyone in front of him. After 10 seconds, he shines even brighter, knocking champions into the air. If John affects a champion then it will decrease the ability by 50%. John's movespeed is 50% until he decides to stop.

(Blinding and charm duration increases by level).

(This is similar to a Cassiopeia ult. Except it's constant.)

R: Inflation

CD: 240/180/120

Passive: At 6, every item's cost will be proportionally equal to one random country's inflation rate, decreasing the value of gold as the game goes on.

Active: John manipulates the market and makes every item on the enemy's shop 30% more expensive for 30 seconds.

These abilities are courtesy of the Viktor mains discord server.

Link for the John mains discord server:

puKgFw8mdn - New champion idea: John


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