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New Gnar Mechanics – Fast W/Q/R, Hitbox Dragged W

LeagueofLegends10 - New Gnar Mechanics - Fast W/Q/R, Hitbox Dragged W

Hey guys! Thing in the Ice here. I wanted to share some lesser known Gnar mechanics that I discovered a while ago, but have finally figured out how to replicate them 100% of the time. Ever since Gnar’s E bug (redirecting bounce) was fixed for a second time, something changed with his animation cancels as well. For those of you who don’t know, Gnar’s E bug was in the game two years ago, got patched, then recently was back in the game, then soon to be patched out once again. For some reason, Gnar’s E was either intentionally changed or whatever they did to fix the bug caused these new mechanics to be possible. They add an entire new layer of depth to animation cancelling that, in my opinion, give the player more options when animation cancelling. For those of you that don't know what animation cancelling looks like normally as Gnar,

Now, let’s get into it…

You can perform even faster versions of E’s animation cancel for Q, W, and R. Let’s start with W:

Fast W

What happens is W goes off as soon as your bounce connects instead of during your transform animation after your bounce connects. This makes it even harder for players to react, but has a shorter range compared to normal animation cancelled W. Difficult to time, but it feels natural with practice.

Here’s how: Auto attack at 96 or 98 Rage, your auto will start to travel, then Hop onto whatever the auto is traveling to, the auto connects as your bounce connects making you hit 100 Rage exactly at the same time, then press W right after it connects and both abilities are combined into one. Your Hop MUST bounce as your auto connects or you’ll just get a normally timed animation cancel. This only works at 96 or 98 Rage, nothing less and nothing more.

What you get is a W that casts as bounce connects, literally combining them into one animation. The cast bar for both abilities even disappears.


You can do this with Q and R as well doing the same exact method above. Here’s examples of both:


Now let’s get into the bug. I’m very sure that this is a visual bug that was added in more recently (not sure of the timing), but I wanted to point out that this seems to be unrelated to what I mentioned above. This can be used as a mechanic just like old E bug was.

Hitbox Dragged W

Okay, this is where things are going to get a little more complicated explanation wise, but I have an example below that should clear everything up.

You can manipulate where your animation cancelled W hitbox will be in comparison to the visual that you and your opponent sees.

Here’s how: Start auto attacking a target and get ready to perform a normal animation cancelled W, keep your cursor still as you auto attack to gain Rage, now cast Hop and as the bounce connects quickly move your cursor to where you want the hitbox to be and press W soon after the bounce connects. What happens now is the visual of your W will be where your cursor was when your W animation started + the range of the bounce and the hitbox will be where your cursor was at as the bounce connects.

I know this sounds confusing, but here’s an example to help:

(slow the video down and watch the cursor as bounce connects and when W is cast)

But wait… things get even cooler and a bit more complicated. You can also combine Fast W with this bug as well.

Fast W + Hitbox Drag

I’m not going to bother explaining both of these again, but to do this you have to combine Fast W with a Hitbox Dragged W.

What you get is an even harder W to react to.

Here’s an example:

This doesn’t seem to work with Q or R.

If you have any more specific questions or if I missed something, please let me know! Also, sorry for the overlays in the videos, I used OBS to capture them.

Special thanks to tunki#4379 (Discord) for messaging me back and forth at 3:00 AM trying to figure out specific details!

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