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New item builds for ADCs based on the data from the first 24h

LeagueofLegends11 - New item builds for ADCs based on the data from the first 24h

Hi there,

I did go through the data a bit on https://lolalytics.com/ranked/worldwide/9.3/platinum/plus/grid/ to look how ADCs are doing and what items might come out ahead. While I was doing that I thought I would write down what items and combos seem to perform and which don't. I will talk about the first 3 major items mostly.

Some basic things I saw:

  • ER does never outperform IE as a first item except on maybe Varus (data a bit low for IE and ER rushes). ER seems to come close to IE on Xayah. So if you want an ER rush, only try it on Varus (and maybe Xayah).

  • BotRK first seems to lose to IE on real crit champs like Ashe and Twitch. It still makes sense for Varus and Kalista or if you need the sustain early on

  • SR does make sense if you have Fleet+Shiv+RFC mostly. If you have only 2 of these SR is not bad, but it doesn't outperform the others, so it is situational (do you need to poke and slow or do you want DPS?). With IE being your first item mostly this moves SR to the 4th slot, 3rd is situational.

  • Lethality is still in there for MF but the difference becomes smaller, so small that you can go crit if you expect a slightly longer game

  • Runaans = Shiv > RFC. Runaans is the best one if you can make good use of the passive (e.g. Varus). Else Shiv is the normal go-to or at least even, except for Jhin, Corki and MF.

    • Runnans: Varus, Jinx, Twitch, Kai'Sa, Kog, Kalista, Ashe
    • Shiv: Draven, Vayne, Sivir, Croki, MF, Xayah, Trist, Cait (+ Jinx, Ashe, Kai'Sa, Twitch can use it instead of Runaans)
    • RFC: Jhin, MF, Corki
    • PD is situational but doesn't look that good except on Twitch. I will not mention it on any other champ than him. You can buy it if you really need the shield instead of another Zeal item.
  • LDR becomes pretty good as your 4th item (against everyone not just tanks). Could even make it into some builds as a 3rd item, but need more data for that.

Now to the champs:

A small note: If you see something like RFC > IE it means BF > RFC > IE normally. I just mention the full items and I don't show boots (Zerkers normally after BF and before your second full item)

  • Ashe: IE > Runaans/Shiv > Shiv/Runaans/ER. It is possible to get IE>ER>Runaans/Shiv also and it seems to perform but isn't used that often yet and lacks the wave clear power before your 3rd item

  • Caitlyn: IE > Shiv > RFC

  • Corki: TF > RFC > IE (TF > IE > RFC also works fine)

  • Draven: IE > BT/Shiv > Shiv/IE. The new IE just outperforms BT as a first item too hard

  • Jhin: IE(/RFC) > RFC(/IE) > Shiv/SR. Shiv instead of RFC as a 2nd is possible.

  • Jinx: IE > Runaans > Shiv

  • Kai'Sa: IE > Runaans/Rageblade > Rageblade/Runaans. Not sure but it seems IE > Shiv > Runaans seems to perform great in its small niche right now. Nashors and some AP items are still a possibility for her. It is hard to say for sure what will come out ahead, but right now it seems Rageblade is better pushed behind a bit at the sake of crit (IE + Runaans). Very hard to get a clear picture here because of the amount of different builds and items thrown together

  • Kalista: BotRK > Runaans > BT/Rageblade or the BotRK > Rageblade > Runaans build. Not sure how IE first performs on her especially because of the Q dmg scaling.

  • Kog'Maw: BotRK + Rageblade + Runaans. The order doesn't matter too much except that Rageblade should be one of the first 2 items.

  • Lucian: BotRK/IE > BC/ER > Shiv/RFC/IE/ER. Yes, it seems Lucian can go crit and perform well. It is still more niche and needs more data.

  • Miss Fortune: DB > Youmuus > BC/EoN VS IE > RFC > BC/LDR/Shiv/…

  • Sivir: IE > ER/Shiv(/RFC) > Shiv/ER

  • Tristana: IE > Shiv > RFC

  • Twitch: IE(/Runaans/BotRK) > Runaans(/IE) > PD/BotRK. Yes, Twitch does seem to actually perform way better with PD because when he appears he does get focused normally.

  • Varus: BotRK/Rageblade(/ER) > Runaans/… not enough data here for him to get a decent conclusion.

  • Vayne: I would try Shiv/IE > IE/Shiv > RFC/Rageblade or the normal BotRK > Rageblade > Shiv/PD build followed by an IE then

  • Xayah: IE > Shiv(/ER) > RFC/ER

Special mentions:

  • Tryndamere: He got hit it seems but the best option is likely IE(/Shiv) > Shiv(/IE) > BotRK/DD/PD/…

  • Yasuo (If he will ever not be banned after this patch and you get him): IE/Shiv > Shiv/IE > BT/GA. He is just bonkers right now it seems because he gets more AD, more AS and similar crit dmg. Especially against squishies he is even better and performs great in all 3 lanes.

If I missed someone or you have any questions why I chose X over Y just ask.

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