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Hello! I am MrRyanMattB, a casual League of Legends player and a fan of speedruns in many games. A few months ago, I came up with an idea for a LoL speedrun that included getting all enemy structures as quickly as possible. A 1v0 all turret speedrun is already a thing, so I decided to throw in a twits. The goal of the speedrun is as follows: End the game as quickly as possible, while all enemy turrets and inhibitors are down, and in possession of the dragon soul. Because this run requires obtaining the dragon soul, it has a theoretical fastest time at 20 minutes, because that is the absolute earliest the fourth dragon could spawn. This would require each dragon to be killed instantly upon spawning, which is impossible as far as I know.


At first, I focused on the jungle, thinking that a full clear of all 4 parts would give me good gold and items to set up for first drag. I chose a champion I am proficient with, Diana, and figured her kit would work well to take dragon early and quickly, as well as allow a late game snowball. I was wrong. Diana could not effectively take first dragon with a single clear and the late game power she brings did not make up for this.

I put this idea aside for a while and came back to it with renewed ideas and interest and shifted my focus to a champion that would allow me to take early platings for efficient gold, and then translate that into an early dragon kill. My first ideas were Jinx, Ezreal, and Darius, for example, because their kits allowed for efficient clear, movement around the map, and early game power to take first dragon. I settled on Jinx and began testing.

After a few runs with Jinx, I had determined the fastest method to obtain the fewest items needed to take dragon, but it relied on luck as well as the river plant that spawns at 6:10. This meant that the earliest I could take first dragon was around 6:15. This was okay for the time, and I continued to test for the latter half of the run. My friend ran it with Ivern, and was extremely efficient with ending on one run, and it allowed us to determine the best ending scenario. He destroyed the three inhibitor turrets at around 1:30 before the final dragon and allowed the minions to take inhibitor while he took last dragon. The nexus was destroyed by minions a mere 4 seconds after the dragon died.

This run provided other insights in run timing. We realized that the most important part would be optimizing the first dragon kill, and from there, managing the waves and turrets so that the game did not end before you could kill the last dragon. Too many runs ended abruptly because lanes shoved too hard, and many runs ended as I was fighting the last dragon.

We knew first dragon would a priority, as it allows for the 15 minutes between first and last dragon to start as soon as possible. This brought us to Shyvana, whose passive allows her to take first dragon extremely efficiently and with fewer items than either Jinx or Ivern needed before her. Initial testing with Shyvana allowed us to get a 5:18 first dragon, which is the benchmark we used going forward.


Because this run is 1v0, many runes are ineffective or flat out useless without enemy champions to proc them. Here are the runes in each tree that could theoretically be utilized.


Keystone: Fleet Footwork

Heroism: Overheal

Legend: Alacrity, Bloodline

Combat: None of these work in a 1v0 setting


Keystone: None

Malice: None

Tracking: Ghost Poro

Hunter: None


Keystone: None

Artifact: Nimbus Cloak

Excellence: Transcendence, Celerity, Absolute Focus

Power: Water Walking, Gathering Storm


Keystone: None

Strength: Demolish, Shield Bash

Resistance: Conditioning

Vitality: Overgrowth, Revitalize


Keystone: Unsealed Spellbook, Omnistone (essentially useless, Fleet Footwork is only one to proc)

Contraptions: Hexflash, Magical Footwear, Perfect Timing

Tomorrow: Future’s Market, Minion Dematerializer, Biscuit Delivery

Beyond: Cosmic Insight, Time Warp Tonic


Since most trees have few options, the secondary tree is more variable than the first tree. We settled on Resolve, because the Demolish damage is extremely helpful, and the early gold you obtain from platings is very helpful to hit your early items and help with dragon. From there, we decided to use the Inspiration tree because it has one of the two keystones that would help, as well as having options in all three runes. The runes we settled on and tested with are:
H3CCx - New League of Legends Speedrun

Inspiration page and
H3CEP - New League of Legends Speedrun
Precision page with the Inspiration page becoming favored.

Summoner Spells

Because Unsealed Spellbook is being taken, we have some leeway with our spells. Exhaust and Ignite cannot be used because there are no enemies. Barrier, Heal, and Clarity are, for the most part, useless. Ghost provides more benefit overall than Flash because of the lower cooldown, as well as the speed increase and duration. Teleport was always used to allow staying in lane as long as possible, before backing to buy items and teleporting to dragon as it spawns. It is also rather useful for managing lanes and turrets if you can get to your dragons without it. Smite has its obvious merits. Cleanse is essentially useless.

Originally we took Teleport and Ghost, to maximize map movement, while using spellbook to grant access to Smite for either third or fourth dragon. But with the itemization shifting towards Youmuu’s (explained next), Teleport and Smite shone through, while using Spellbook to grant access to various move speed spells, such as Ghost, Flash, and Heal.


Because there are no enemies, typical builds have little impact in a run like this. It is more important to use gold efficiently and allow yourself to move and clear creeps as best as possible. Early runs with Jinx determined that a Vampiric Scepter was a useful first item for dragon. An early Youmuu’s allowed for solid Attack Damage as well as the active to move you around the map. The rest of the items we built based on utilizing the Vampiric Scepter, using it to build either a BoRK, Bloodthirster, or a Ravenous Hydra. From the Magical Footwear at 12 minutes, we debated Boots of Swiftness versus Boots of Mobility, and some testing showed that, while Mobis give a higher increase, the time it takes to trigger after leaving combat resulted in a net loss of movement speed; Swiftys are also 100 gold cheaper. From here, we usually had enough time to obtain one other full item, and one to two smaller items. We figured either Wit’s End or Nashor’s Tooth were best for Shyvana, and had about 1700 gold left over, allowing us to buy a Fiendish Codex and Kindlegem, granting a slight boost to ability haste to finish off the run.

The typical order was as follows:

Start: Dagger and Control Ward (placed in front of dragon pit to allow teleportation throughout the run)

First Back (right before first dragon): Vampiric Scepter and any other items (usually 2 long swords to work towards Youmuu’s)

Second Back (sometime before second dragon): Finish Youmuu’s, work towards Vampiric Scepter item

Third Back (12 minutes, between second and third dragon, with boots in inventory): Finish Vampiric Scepter item, Boots of Swiftness, build towards final item (Wit’s End or Nashor’s for example)

Fourth Back (about 2 minutes before fourth dragon): Finish final item, spend rest of the gold on ability haste

Miscellaneous Milestones

Take first turrets immediately after second dragon to get all the plating gold.

Between first turrets and third dragon, farm the jungle to prevent lanes from getting too pushed.

Take second turrets immediately after third dragon, continue farming jungles to prevent lanes from becoming too pushed.

Whilst farming jungle, kill and capture Rift Herald, but do not use it. Simply benefit from the empowered back it grants you.

Take inhibitor turrets approximately 1:30 before final dragon spawns, kill all enemy minions, and allow ally minions to take inhibitors and push beyond.

Final Thoughts and Current Record

I would like to thank my friend TrevorsLoL for his help in theory crafting, the info gained from his Ivern games, as well as helping me write this entire thing up.

My current record sits at
H3Dpe - New League of Legends Speedrun

21:07, and I look forward to seeing people attempt to beat it! I have the .rofl file as well as a .webm of the entire game, if anyone is interested. Please let me know if you have any questions, and I will do my best to respond to comments.

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