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New LoL format suggested by Splyce coach (Duke) and Optic coach (Zaboutine) in a interview by OgamingTV.

LeagueofLegends5 - New LoL format suggested by Splyce coach (Duke) and Optic coach (Zaboutine) in a interview by OgamingTV.

For the reference (in French).

Zaboutine and Duke used to work at OgamingTV (french broadcast team) and at the end of each split they do a video togeter to talk about the scene.

One of the point talked was the format of the scene and both of them want some change:

  • An old complain but it's always up to date : the teams that are eliminated before playoff play way too few while the teams that do (split+playoff) * 2 + msi + worlds play way too much. Riot has to do some change.

  • The league should change its schedule. For now the schedule is based on the calendar year, spring split from january to april msi is may, summer in july-augustus, Worlds in october-november. The problems raised are: 1) playing in summer in Berlin and LA is very difficult due to the heat 2) players have an already very stressfull and time-eating job and the fact that their only vacation are from october or november (if you played at worlds) to january is a bit useless since most of their friends (IRL, family, etc…) are still working/studying/… So they don't have a lot of things to do. And when their friends/family are in holydays, the players are playing the summer split.

  • The solution proposed is to move the schedule to an academic year : A split in September-October, MSI in November-December (at least before Christmas so the players can do it with their friends/family), 2nd split in january-mars/april and worlds in june. It would be a better format for the players and staff to live. Ofc it will lead some problems for a transition. Duke proposes to do a "transitional" year where you'll have a longer spring split (january -> may) with worlds directly after (july) and then in september you do the new format.

  • Zaboutine talked about changing the format of the splits. For him (and other people in the scene) the regular season is too long (a "weak time" that few people watch) and play off too short (a "strong time" that lots of people watch). The regular season is too much penalizing for little teams and boring for the strong teams, you doo 4 days of training and 2 days of game per week, for 9 games long. He says he was talking with Nisqy (Belgian player who speaks french) that admit that the season is quite boring at the end. He says that at the end of the day people watchs way more the playoff (because it matters) than the regular season. What he proposes is reducing the regular season (to 6 weeks for exemple) to implement some pauses in the season (for players to heal their wrist injuries for exemple) or to adding some "strong time" like extending the playoff or adding some tournaments.

  • Apparently there are already some discussions in intern (at least in NA) to change the format between Riot and team owners. Some plans have already been discussed like adding tournaments between splits with championship points as rewards (=points to go to worlds). Or an other plan like changing the format of championship points. It wouldn't just be the team which has the most points that will immediatly go to worlds but there would be a ranking of teams according to the number of championship points they have and they'll have to battle each other in a tournament to go to worlds (with a better seeding if you have more championship points). Having more tournaments than league format, with a two weeks pause between each tournament so the players can see their friends/family more often.

  • An other point talked is removing All-star that nobody likes and watches and add an European competion (nations against nations), a tournament that works in every game where it is implemented (OverWatch for exemple) and maybe add USA and Canada to the competition but not China or Korea because they already win everything xd. Nobody cares anymore about team Fire versus team Ice or watching an aram between Qtpie versus Faker, etc …

  • Both of them are sure that a new format will be a healthy thing for the leagues, players and will prevent more burn out of players to the game.

Thanks for reading, I hope you went through my english grammar and horrible editing :^)

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