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New Player From HOTS, hi there and please help

LeagueofLegends7 - New Player From HOTS, hi there and please help

As you might've heard that HOTS has received an announcement today. In short, they are switching major developers to other games and the game will be kept on life support. I am going to be honest, I tried playing LoL many times in past years (at this point i got like 3 or 4 accounts, all abandoned) but I couldn't like the major design of a MOBA game. Despite this fact I got addicted to HOTS and been playing it for 2 years straight. HOTS allowed me to change my thoughts about general MOBA games (not just for LoL but also for Dota 2) and now it seems I have to move onto League of Legends.

I am aware of all the stuff about salt, toxicity or so but it really matters the least. I want to experience Leage of Legends in terms of all of its heroes (champions for you I assume), its mechanics and such. I have zero knowledge about the champions in this game and the same for gold / shop system since you basically shared exp in HOTS.


So please, suggest me the champions you find easy to play for newbies like me.

Suggest me the youtubers i can follow to teach myself some tips for soaking and other essential elements of a standart LoL game.

If there is anything else that is important in the game, please do mention it so that I can check it out.

This is a big change for me to jump to LoL from HOTS and hopefully I can be a part of this communuty. Thank you for giving your time to read this and / or helping me!

Tl;dr New player switching to LoL from HOTS. Please give me the major tips I need and some starter hero suggestions.

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