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New skin-line Champion prediction and how it may be an Eternals skin-line

LeagueofLegends7 - New skin-line Champion prediction and how it may be an Eternals skin-line

This picture was featured in the state of skins articles with no subtext

Notice that this line has a power rangers-esque colour scheme similar to Project and Mecha kingdoms, while most other skin-lines share a single thematic colour.


It also shares the same colour criteria with the 6 eternals and even have two colours being pink and violet.

Warden's Champion

Edgy Demon Weapon

This is easier to tell with the blade style and the split down the middle being iconic to aatrox

Another thing I found was that aatrox has one of the eternal types as warden (blue)

Warden's helmet pretty much looks similar to aatrox's horns

Guide's Champion

That blade looks balanced

Both swords here are highly proportional, short yet broad at the base of the blade and have a protruding hilt end. It may transform into the full fledged sword we see during her ultimate

Riven also has a guide type eternal (Green)

Trickster's Champion


This is most certainly a dagger and even though Akali uses a kunai in most of her skins except Blood moon, this dagger seems fitting for her. Trickster eternal appears in other champions with a dagger/short sword are Katarina, Rengar, Pyke, Talon and Shaco. While talon mostly wears an arm blade and pyke's dagger having quite bigger proportions, all the other champs do not sport a straight edged blade. So this is most certainly Akali's dagger (but idk if riot will release skin for akali in this line + new KDA)

Protector's Champion


Immortal Enemies

By comparison, these two are definitely full sized swords, with the protector's being one handed with one superior edge curving at the top. With it being so comparable to aatrox's sword by size and only few champs like Tryndamere, Diana and Garen (in some skins) wielding a curved blade, my guess is this sword belongs to Tryndamere's new skin.

Right arm > Left arm

It might as well be a stylised Garen sword if riot wants to go with it, with Garen having a protector's Eternal type too

Empress's Champion


This one is a bit of a stretch, but the only champion with a hilt guard like that belongs to Rengar. But the blade seems thinner and more akin to what Katarina would own, but it's not Kata's as she is:

Warrior's Champion


That sharp receding edge at the top is too iconic for this to not be Katarina's blade, with red being thematically fitting and the highly stylised hilt for the visibility and uniqunes of the shunpo on the ground

But the caveat being that only katarina doesn't have a warrior's eternal but two Empress's and one Trickster's, both of which are definitely not Katarina's eternal skin.

Shoutout to u/KamaOrKunai for suggesting Eternals being linked to this skin-line and u/sampaiisaweeb whose predictions are almost same but I did mine seperately

Or I may be overthinking all of this and all these blades appear in the recall-animation of an upcoming second Legendary skin for Lux.

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