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New Voice Lines For Zyra, Written By Me

LeagueofLegends2 - New Voice Lines For Zyra, Written By Me

Zyra is in a fairly awkward, but not necessarily unique position among the League roster. Like many other champions, her model, VFX, and lore are all up to date, or at the very least passable. However, what keeps her and many other champions from being entirely modern is the extensive voice lines reworked and newer champions have. What does make Zyra's situation a bit more nuanced is that her current voice over by no means conflicts with her lore like other older champions, mostly because it's all just generic empty lines relating to plants. So, I'm really only adding special interaction lines, such as with champions, objectives, kills, etc.

With Zyra, in lore she's portrayed as this untamed seductress, like a sexy venus flytrap for lack of a better example, luring you in with beautiful flowers and intoxicating aromas, only to unleash her fury the moment she has you. With that in mind, when writing these I was trying to get on that fine line where she wouldn't sound to much like LeBlanc or Evelynn, League's other resident seductresses. I also wanted to capture this sort of hunter/predator aspect she's always had, displaying that wild hunger that has carried through her characterization as nature's wrath. Most importantly, I wanted her to sound distinct from Poison Ivy of DC Comics, a character she may as well be a parody of, so I also attempted to incorporate how truly ancient and alien is.

For anybody who isn't up to date with the current iteration of her lore or is unaware of it, here's the link to her universe page, https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_US/champion/zyra/


"Unrooted, I'll stalk this world the way animals do, feet above the soil and talons drawn."

"Soon this realm will be a garden of paradise, not mine but ours, free of hate and war."

"The earth has already been seeded, now I just need the.. proper nourishment."

"They'll ignore the vines around their ankles 'til the thorns are at their neck, but by then it'll be to late."

"The humans cling to their metals and stone, underestimating the strength of every petal, leaf, and stem."

"I shall cultivate for them a most wondrous death, a bloom of colors that leaves them longing for more."

"Air in my lungs, rain on my skin, I'm neither flora or fauna.. I'm.. me."


Ivern "How far you've fallen, there's barely any trace of you left, God-Willow."

Maokai "You brought it on yourself by trusting those vermin to begin with, Maokai."

Lillia "Sweet Lillia, their blood will nourish the roots more than their dreams. Let me show you."

Qiyana "There's a crown just for you, darling. Grown from thorns."

Hunter Champions (e.g. Rengar, Nidalee, Kai'sa, etc.) "A fellow hunter? *hungry moan* I'll savor the chase." / "Not all hunters are flesh and bone, listen to the wilds and learn."

Ixtali Champions "You're merely shaping shrubs while the roots grow wild beneath you." / "*chuckles* Such arrogance, to think I'm a flower for you to prune."

Black Rose Champions "You grace the rose with your poise, but how will you feed her?"


Human Champions "Be you predator or prey? All I see is a treat." / "Little children, fumbling through the world and destroying all they touch." / "Focus on the aroma, the petals against your cheek, it makes what comes next easier." /

Spirit Champions (e.g. Tahm Kench, Janna, Evelynn, etc.) "Leave this world, it doesn't belong to you." / "Tainting all you touch, not respecting the space you invade, it disgusts the natural."


"Hundreds of beings forced into a singular form, thousands of memories flooded into one mind, it hurts to think. I never had to think before."

"They call me monster, but is the snake a monster for preying on the frog? It's only following it's instincts."

"There was only hunger before, fear and rage, but now there's more.. what does one do with hope? With regret? With guilt?"

"I recall.. the taste of cooked meat, the sound of a wooden thing with strings, the comforting touch of another against my body."

"I, he left his kin behind, a mate and little ones, there were riches in those swamps he was told, they'd never hunger again. Then.. fire and thorns."

"Wet soil holding me, nourishing me, sunlight invigorating me, no, not just me, all of us, the roots everywhere, a web, connection, I.. I.. I used to be more, far and wide."

"Pain, wet, sore, thorns around my ankles, the men are screaming, mind racing, 'I will not fall like this! This isn't how I die!' *gasps* The woman, the catalyst."

"Feeding, growing, spreading, there is only one path and it will never end, never be enough. Not until I'm everywhere."

"How do the mortals do it I wonder, so removed from their own world? To not feel the grass sing, the trees cry, and the flowers laugh."

"Morality is a construct grown by humans, used to navigate their short lives. Survival is all that matters."


Ivern "This abomination will not stand!"

Maokai "Nothing left but rot!"

Lillia "Dream little sprout."

Ixtali Champions "Consumed by the jungle you hide in!" / "Your Empire will fall!"

Humans Champions "Return to the soil!" / "Little vermin!"/ "Nothing but fertilizer!" / Know your place!"


Ivern "You will be reborn in the next age, God-Willow."

Maokai "I will see life returned to the Shadow Isles, Maokai."

Human Champions "Where you fell, new life will sprout." / "The cycle continues." / "Nature always wins." / "A bountiful harvest." / "Be with the colors, darling."


"Each construct broken is another step returned to nature."

"In time, all the world will crumble before my vines."

"Stone breaks and cracks while the grass grows and the roots run deeper."

"Their kingdoms will fall, their walls will topple, and my growth will flourish."

"A tree had fallen for this thing to stand, but even it cannot weather the seasons."

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