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No LEC this week? Don’t worry, there are lots of European Regional Leagues you can watch all week long instead!

LeagueofLegends11 - No LEC this week? Don't worry, there are lots of European Regional Leagues you can watch all week long instead!

First off, the LEC is on break this week to allow for more flexible scheduling with the current covid-19 situation. For more info check
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this article from the start of summer split.

So what can you do in all this free time you ask? Well, I got just the answer for you: Watch the future stars of LEC already today in the European Regional Leagues! 13 current LEC players were in an EU Masters final before and how did they get there? By performing in their local ERL and qualifying for EU Masters. Most ERLs are currently about halfway through their split just like LEC with EUM starting in probably a bit more than a month (exact dates will be announced closer to the event). So where and when you can watch all of this you might ask? Well I can give a short rundown here, but for more information you best check the according Leaguepedia articles, the leagues' twitter accounts, check out the unofficial ERL and LEC discord below, check out my ERL timetable with links to all the streams and gamepedia pages or check out this wonderful thread by /u/megalodontus on twitter with lots of links to relevant twitter accounts.

  • Kicking the week off is the spanish Super Liga Orange with 5 matches starting at 18 CEST featuring aamongst others Giants facing the MAD academy team in game 5 on twitch. They close off their first round robin with two more gamedays on wednesday and thursday with the currently tied for first teams G2 Arctic and Vodafone Giants facing off.

  • Also starting at the same time, 18 CEST, the Greek Legends League starts into their final week of regular season with one playoff slot, both semifinal slots and most importantly a spot directly in the groupstage of EU Masters for the winner of the regular season still up for grabs. Current fronrunners for the 1st place Intrepid Fox Gaming have to face two playoff teams this week to keep their spot at the top, while the two second place teams Game Changers and WLGaming Esports will fight for the bye (and maybe even 1st if IFG stumbles) in a direct head to head tomorrow. The matches are live on twitch.

  • Just one hour later, at 19 CEST the Balkan EBL kicks off week 3 with newcomers CR4ZY sitting undefeated at the top 4-0. On thursday the currently tied for second place and previous EBL representatives at EUM, CZV and SuppUp eSports face each other to see who can stay at the top of the table. You can watch the games on twitch and

  • Starting at 19 CEST as well is the Belgian League with their top team and spring EUM representatives Sector One still having a firm grasp on the league having locked in for playoffs already, but they DID lose a game last week and this week they are facing the current second place team KV Mechelen Esports, so there is certainly some tension as to if S1 can keep on winning. Also the fight for playoffs is super close with 3 teams sitting tied at 2 wins for the last spot and ATR just one win ahead. Watch the games on twitch in
    gameluxlol - No LEC this week? Don't worry, there are lots of European Regional Leagues you can watch all week long instead!

    dutch and french.
  • And for the late birds (or just people living in an earlier timezone than CEST), there's the portuguese LPLOL starting at 21 CEST with a match of first place Electronik Generation vs second place SAMCLAN Esports Club to close out the week tomorrow at midnight. The games are streamed on twitch.

  • Tomorrow, there is just as much action and it kicks off early with the polish Ultraliga starting at 17.30 CEST. AGO Rogue is sitting comfortably at the top with a 7-1 record, followed by a new team in Komputronik H34T sitting just one win behind them. EUM finalists K1CK Neosurf sit in a 3-way tie for 3rd with Pompa and Illuminar, looking to show a better performance in the second round robin. The matches are streamed on twitch and
    youtube, as well as in local polish tv.

  • Starting for the first time this summer tomorrow is also the new Baltic Masters season, produced by the Balkan Fortuna this time and thus streamed with english commentary on
    balticmasters - No LEC this week? Don't worry, there are lots of European Regional Leagues you can watch all week long instead!

    twitch (and youtube?). The games start at 18 CEST on tuesday and wednesday.
  • Tuesday at 19 CEST, the newly formed NLC, as a merger between the UK and the nordic leagues kicks off to close out their first round robin mostly with the academies of Fnatic and Excel sitting at the top of their groups. The matches are broadcasted on twitch in english and on BBC.

  • Also tomorrow at 19 CEST, the Prime League kicks off their second round robin with a very tight race for the top spots and currently four teams tied for fourth at 5-4. Current frontrunners Team GamerLegion have to face EURONICS Gaming tomorrow and second place FC Schalke 04 Evolution on thursday. There's going to be plenty of action and plenty of pocket picks all week with even winless SK Gaming Prime not looking totally hopeless. Tune in on

  • At the same time, the Dutch League also continues with the current undefeated team at the top being neither of springs top teams, but instead Team THRILL sitting at 7-0 and locked for playoffs already. The games are on twitch.

  • The french LFL doesn't kick off for a few more weeks, but they have their own Demacia Cup/Kespa Cup style of tournament featuring LFL, LFL 2nd div and Open Tour teams in the Underdogs tournament, whose finals are happening this wednesday starting at 18 CEST on twitch featuring Vitality Bee and EUM winners LDLC OL.

  • Also on wednesday, at 19 CEST the italian PG Nationals kick off their final week with the new org Mkers with their team around support legend Edward sitting at the top of the standings at 10-2 and looking to claim their bye in the playoffs with a win against Campus Party Sparks, who are in a 4 team race for the second bye. All the action of the final week is delivered on twitch.

  • And last but not least, the Czech and Slovakian Hitpoint Masters ends their first round robin on sunday, starting at 14 CEST with multiple times EUM representatives eSuba sitting undefeated at the top with 6-0 and newcomers SINNERS Esports just one win behind with both teams facing off in the first match of the week. Games are also on twitch.

For anyone that is interested in watching all the ERLs and the remainder of the LEC summer split with fans of european LoL, wants to participate in our prediction games for LEC and ERLs, and wants all the best LEC emotes, including all logos of the teams in LEC (including weeb versions…) and the teams participating in EUM, join the unofficial ERL and LEC discord: https://discord.gg/HrvUEVC

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