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Nothing to watch? Try LPL, here are some LPL memes!

LeagueofLegends3 - Nothing to watch? Try LPL, here are some LPL memes!

Hey guys, I’m a fan from LPL. I heard that LEC, LCS and LCK may not be able to hold in the following short period of time, so why not try some LPL? LPL matches are held online, with 2-3 BOT3 a day, 7 days a week. Players are required to play the match in the same room in their team’s club base. Here I brought some memes of LPL to help you better know LPL. If there is any grammar mistake that would prevent u from understanding, plz forgive me for my English.

Background information: Some players went back to their hometowns in Hubei Province during the Spring Festival, but are now are forced to stay in Hubei Province because the government’s policy to prevent the virus from spreading.

So some teams have to use their bench players . Here is a list of players trapped in Hubei Province:

RNG.Uzi, EDG.Clearlove7(Coach), JDG.Zoom, Unknown team. Jackeylove.

RNG. UZI: UZI is now called ‘the eternal god’ in China, because a famous streamer who wanted to boast Uzi called him that way. In China it is commonly seen that some haters would overpraise a player on purpose in order to arouse other fan’s hatred toward that player. Now whenever there is a video about Uzi online, the bullet comments would all be the same”Uzi, the eternal god!” Then this meme is used with different Versions. E.g. Betty is now the ADC of RNG who carried RNG in recent matches, then the bullet comments all turned to “Betty, the eternal god!” or “Uzi, the eternal bench!”(Cuz Uzi is now forced to stay in Wubei Province).

RNG.Xiaohu: Xiaohu is known for his remarkable performance in LPL and his terrible performance in Worlds. His best performances and plays usually take places in the Spring Splits. Fans call him “Emperor Hu of Spring”. When Xiaohu show his dominance in the match, the bullet comments would turn to “Xiaohu, the temporary god!”(another version of Uzi’s meme lol)


IG. Ning: Ning got a bad reputation in China. Before winning S8 champion, Ning’s ex-girlfriend posted her chat with Ning on Weibo (Chinese Twitter). The chat shows that Ning’s ex-girlfriend wanted to get married with Ning, but Ning said’ after wining worlds’. The chat was taken as a joke, because nobody would ever imagine IG would win worlds that year.(In China most people thought S8 champion would be KT or RNG or FNC). Then Ning won S8. Every body thought it was a perfect fairy tale for Ning’s ex-girlfriend. Then Ning just had an affair with another woman, then he and his ex-girlfriend just broke up. This is the origin of Ning’s bad reputation in LPL, even some fans of IG want Ning to leave IG. Some fans call Ning ’The King of Shoes’ cuz Ning spent so much time and money on buying cool shoes.

IG. Baolan:Baolan has a nice name which is Princess Baolan. It is kinda offensive for female but ppl use this nickname to mock Baolan for his poor technique. Another reason is that Baolan is very strategic to attract fans, for example he would constantly interact with his fans in chat groups, but failed to concentrate on training. He love to use some modal particles that are common seen in Japanese animation, like” Umm.. Woo…” In China if you use “唔” which means”woo” in Chinese, every LPL fan knows that you are referring to Baolan.

EDG.Clearlove: As the former player, Clearlove has a huge flow of fans. In Season 7, Clearlove announced on Weibo(Chinese Twitter) that he would retire. Then after 3 minutes he announced that a new player named Clearlove7 would begin play as a pro player. Of course, Clearlove7 is Clearlove, just with a different ID. After that, the number 7 became a symbol of Clearlove and EDG. When EDG’s match is held at 7o’clock P.M., bullet comments would all turn to “7777777777777”.

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