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Now that Mortal Kombat 11 is out, I made some intro dialogues for LoL champions

LeagueofLegends5 - Now that Mortal Kombat 11 is out, I made some intro dialogues for LoL champions

Some context: in Mortal Kombat 11 (and 10, and Injustice 2) the fight intros consist of each fighter doing an intro animation, followed by them having a three-part dialogue. This is one of my favorite smaller things in the game, and so I wondered what some dialogues the various champions would have if League of Legends got a fighting game. Here's what I came up with:

Olaf: You've only got one axe; I've got two!

Sion: You call those tiny things axes? THIS is an axe!

Olaf: They won't seem so tiny when they're buried in your face.

Sion: Out of my way, or I'll tear you apart!

Olaf: You know, that ought to do the trick. Let's go!

Sion: Crazy little worm.

Olaf: A mighty beard and a mighty belt buckle makes for a mighty man.

Gangplank: An odd measure of worth, but not one I can disagree with.

Olaf: Let's see if you can live up to it.

Olaf: I hear you returned from death.

Gangplank: Neither the flames nor the depths could claim me.

Olaf: Damn, guess they won't claim me either then.

Gangplank: Let me guess: The Bloodharbor Ripper?

Pyke: Here to scratch another name of my list.

Gangplank: Remind me to shove that list down your throat.

Pyke: Captain Gangplank…

Gangplank: I don't suppose you're here to share tales?

Pyke: Dead men tell no tales.

Nasus: Your actions have caused much suffering.

Gangplank: Got any other big reveals?

Nasus: How short the rest of your worthless life will be.

Nasus: I trust that the World Rune is in safety?

Ryze: Keeping them safe is literally all I do!

Nasus: Few could resist their temptation for so long.

Jinx: Ooooh, here doggy! Roll over!


Nasus: Despite my appearance, I am no canine.

Jinx: I said roll, not speak.

Nasus: Your sorrow has affected you deeply.

Lucian: It keeps me going.

Nasus: Know that vengeance will not cure your heavy heart.

Lucian: This ends right now, Thresh!

Thresh: Come then. Your beloved awaits.

Lucian: I'll make sure you suffer as much as your victims.

Jinx: So what does that glowy thing do? Does it blow stuff up?

Thresh: It captures the souls of my victims, to be tortured eternally…

Jinx: I wonder if souls explode… let's test that!

Jinx: Hey, take that thing off. You're gonna miss the fireworks!

Lee Sin: I cannot see. At all.

Jinx: Don't worry, I'll bring them close enough that you can touch them!

Lee Sin: I could sense your rumbling footsteps from miles away.

Sion: GOOD! I don't hide, I want them ALL to find and fight me!

Lee Sin: Have you considered that many would rather avoid fighting you?


Akali: That's what the last Noxians said too. Why should I be more intimidated of you than them?

Sion: They could die. I can not.

Sion: While you hide in the shadows, I battle entire armies!

Katarina: While you waste time on foot soldiers, I kill their generals.

Sion: What good is a general who commands nothing but shattered corpses?

Katarina: Do you really think you'll be able to land even one blow on me?

Sion: I only need one.

Katarina: Go ahead and try.

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