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[OC] A quick look at some of G2’s Playoff Improvements

LeagueofLegends1 - [OC] A quick look at some of G2's Playoff Improvements

While G2 were praised highly for their dominance of Origen, I thought I'd take a brief look at some of the things they improved on in particular during the playoffs. Note that any inferences should be taken with a pinch of salt as there are only 5 non-funnel games, all of which were against the same opponent and all of which were victories. That said, there were some clear improvements in the numbers coming out of the games.


One thing that they clearly improved on was how well they removed the vision of their opponents. Even though, they bought less wards, they were able to clear more enemy wards than before. It shows an efficiency in how they choked out the vision of Origen

ro92f24uktt21 - [OC] A quick look at some of G2's Playoff Improvements

Despite buying fewer wards on average, they cleared a much larger percentage of the enemy vision

Early Game

Origen had the highest *early game rating* as per Oracles Elixir for the regular season, but G2 still managed to do better on average against them in the early game.

0mhoss40ltt21 - [OC] A quick look at some of G2's Playoff Improvements

They improved in the majority of early game stats

When you consider how dominant the majority of the split was for G2, being able to step up even more and improve their early game dominance is a good sign for them.

Triple threat

Another interesting this is that G2 spread their damage more evenly between their three lanes.

2ejrb6a4ltt21 - [OC] A quick look at some of G2's Playoff Improvements

Wunder stepped up hard

Note that the Promisq games slightly skew the numbers for the regular split, as does the fact that I couldn't separate Wunder's stats from the funnel game (Funnel games are a nightmare for stats). Even still, the fact that Wunder stepped up hard in the damage share for the team is a good sign heading in to the games against Khan/TheShy.



One thing that's hard to gauge with the 'eye test' is how efficient an ADC is being with their gold. Perkz stepped up quite clearly in this metric. If we take the % of team damage that each ADC did and divide it by the % of team gold they received, we can get a good idea for how efficient they're being with their gold.

ntbi1m57ltt21 - [OC] A quick look at some of G2's Playoff Improvements

He's gone from below average to bang in the middle, a big improvement considering he had the 3rd lowest gold efficiency in the regular split

Also, he's shored up quite a few of his mistakes. Take a look at these stats:

KDADeath %Gold Difference @ 10CS Difference @ 10CS/mCS % post 15
Playoff (Excluding Funnel)12.88.7%-18-9.28.831%

As we can see, he's reduced his deaths and his resources. The weaker laning stats may be a bad sign but getting these results without stomping lane can also be seen as a good sign as he may have to play from behind against the botlanes of MSI.

Overall, it seems like G2 improved in quite a few aspects. It'll be interesting to see how that translates to the international stage, even if Promisq plays

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