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[OC] Looking at Champions Statistics based on their Base Stats

LeagueofLegends12 - [OC] Looking at Champions Statistics based on their Base Stats

I find that base stats are an interesting thing to look at as they tend to be the similar depending on the type of champion. I wanted to find out just how similar they can get and whether or not there are any interesting patterns in these stats. I used a popular machine learning algorithm to try and see what groups the computer would sort them all in to.


y4ib8y7koir21 - [OC] Looking at Champions Statistics based on their Base Stats

This graph shows the groups that form based only on base stats, excluding range and mana-based stats. The colours indicate the 5 different type of champion that the algorithm found and the closer champions are on this graph, the more similar they are. Some of the interesting things to note are
  • Champions on the edge either tend to be staple picks for long periods in pro play history (Thresh/Ori/Olaf) or almost never picked (Lux/Darius/Talon). FotM picks tend to have more similar champions.
  • Gnar is only similar to Kled, and even then isn't truly like any other champion. His dual forms must make him difficult to balance
  • Janna/Orianna are really similar, but are in separate groups while other shielding supports like Lulu or Ivern are nowhere near
  • "Magelike" adcs such as Jhin, Ezreal and Corki are all near the green (mages) section, rather than clumped in the red with most of the other adcs. Graves is also a marksman but he's very far towards the black group(tanks/bruisers), showing one possible reason why he tends to be jungled nowadays.
  • Kassadin has the stats of an ADC

A couple more correlations

Group v Prominence

e6baciunoir21 - [OC] Looking at Champions Statistics based on their Base Stats

This graph shows how often champions are picked or banned in Platinum+, colour coded by their group. We can see that mages (green) are very popular picks which aren't banned often, while the blue group (Assassins/Offtanks) are most commonly banned. Unsurprisingly, assassin-type champions are significantly more popular than the other groups.

"One-trick potential"


53pw9lkooir21 - [OC] Looking at Champions Statistics based on their Base Stats

This graph shows winrate v banrate. Champions in the bottom-right are the ones who have high winrates and often get through the ban phase. This makes them great champions for one-tricking. Mages seem to be a great shout as the majority of the green group are in this section. You should avoid trying to one trick the likes of Darius/Leblanc/Kalista as it'll likely be harder to climb. Vlad, Vayne, Kayle, Yasuo, Morgana and Zed are all above the top of this graph so I didn't include them.

Some facts that may be of use to newer players:

Movement Speed v Range

beajvooooir21 - [OC] Looking at Champions Statistics based on their Base Stats

Naturally, longer range champions move slower on average. This is one of the ways Riot balances around range, good thing to note when you have to make a decision between running away and fighting. Each of the unlabelled dots holds multiple champions, hence why this one isn't colour-coded

HP v Armour v Magic Resist

rgun2tapoir21 - [OC] Looking at Champions Statistics based on their Base Stats

This one is a little more complicated but the result is rather obvious. The boxes in the bottom left show the correlation between the stats. The closer to 1, the more correlated they are (meaning certain values of one usually lead to similar values of the other). The top right shows the graphs between these three. These values show that there is a decent correlation between all three stats. From this we can see that most tanks are meant to tank, so champion pick means a lot if you want to play as a tank (you can't just build a sunfire on any champion and expect to be effective).

Overall, we can see that Riot clearly uses base stats to try and help certain champions "feel" right. There's a lot of thought that goes into them and we can see just how clearly small changes can radically affect the playstyle of certain champions. There's not much to learn from these but it can still be interesting to look at these relations

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