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Off Season in the G2 HeadQuarters

LeagueofLegends13 - Off Season in the G2 HeadQuarters

In the darkest depths of Europe was a den of villainy, treachery, and deceit. Here people said whatever the wanted, and as long as they did not cross the man in charge, anything was game. Backstabbings, framing, underhanded tactics, anything was game. But the game itself….was League of Legends. The place? The G2 Headquarters. The ominous structure did not seem imposing, but its appearance masked that which dwelled inside.

In the grand hall sat a massive oval table, with ten people sat around it. Well, nine people sat around it, with the tenth at the head of the table drumming his fingers together. His chair was adorned with rhino horn, and sat upon rugs made of tiger, lion, and gorilla pelts. Trophies adorned the walls, be it esports trophies or rare animals, indicating the owner’s inclination for an exotic or rare hunt. Across from him was a fireplace at the end of the table, with a full samurai armor atop the mantle, katana and all.

This hunter, this kingpin of crookedness, this…..man…..was known as Ocelote, a name he had received after skinning one illegally as a child. He got away with it of course. He always did. He always will.

The group around him sat nervously save one who sat smugly in his chair, as if he knew everything that would happen. They looked at each other nervously before one started to speak up.

“Boss. So, uh, it’s off season again.” He looked around the table to find Ocelote looking back at him. “What plans do you have to prepare the boys for next season.”

“Prepare, Grabbz?”

”Uh…yes sir. So we can win next split.”

”Next split. We aren’t currently preparing for next split. We are going to make some changes around here first.” The G2 owner looked across the room and cracked the slightest of smiles at the now terrified faces. A few however, retained an odd composure.

”Changes? But boss we went to semis!” Duffman spoke up. He quickly backed down into his chair when Ocelote looked over at him. Those who spoke out against him usually…..disappeared.

”Semifinals. Yes. But did we win a title?” Ocelote stood and started walking around the table. ”Did we get to Worlds as a first seed? Did we go to MSI?” He stopped at the end of the table. He turned, grabbed a katana from the mantle, “Did we beat Fnatic when it counted?!?” He reared back and stabbed the table. ”No. That’s not good enough. So we are making changes.”

A collective chill spread across the room. In the past changes resulted in people being sent places worse than death. Chicken factories. Wastelands devoid of talent. Sometimes they were sent nowhere at all, left to wander.

He stared at one person in particular. “Wadid.” The Korean looked up at him in horror, his innocence shining through his glasses. “You’re out. Wunder, Jankos, show him out.”

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The tall Dane and the Polish jungler stood above the support. ”Lets go.” Wadid stood and slowly walked out. He wanted to cry, but he unfortunately knew what he had signed up for long ago. He opened the door, looked back once at his Swedish duo, and gave a small wave goodbye, for he knew he would likely never see him again.

As Wadid walked out, Ocelote nodded at Wunder. The top laner held the door open for Jankos, who followed Wadid out, before closing the door and standing in front of it. The whole room heard a very loud thud coming from just outside. Several other thuds followed, and after the thudding stopped, a knock caused Wunder to open the door. Jankos walked back in, unchanged save a small blood splatter in his blond hair. Hjarnan hung his head.

”Hjarnan.” The Swede looked up to meet his boss. ”You are being replaced.” Hjarnan knew it was coming, and reached into his pocket and grasped his wrench. He knew he couldn’t stand up to Wunder or Jankos, much less Perkz, but he would go down swinging. However he was caught off guard when Ocelote said, “But you are still G2. You’ll play on our Academy team. Luka, have you been practicing?”

The laid back mid laner smiled, ”You know it boss.”

Hjarnan looked between the two when it hit him. ”Wait you are replacing me with Perkz? What?!? Who’s playing mid?”

”Funny you should ask. Perkz did you talk to them?”

Perkz laughed aloud, and took a bite of the apple he was holding. ”Course I did, c’mon now boss.” He said through a full mouth. The then threw the still mostly uneaten apple at a door behind him. ”COME ON IN!”

The door opened and in walked faces Hjarnan was shocked to see. Caps, the man known as Fnatic’s “Baby Faker”, and Mikyx, the former support of Misfits. The two stepped towards the table but Jankos and Wunder blocked their path.

Perkz shrugged, not even turning to look at the newcomers. ”Sorry boys, gotta be careful. Check them.”

After making sure the new arrivals had nothing suspicious, Wunder and Jankos walked back to their seats, nodding to Perkz. Ocelote waved the two toward empty chairs at the table, which Caps and Mikyx slowly took. They looked slightly nervous, Mikyx more so than Caps.

”Welcome boys. Glad to see you accepted our offers.”

”Anything to get away from Rekkles.” Caps huffed. Mikyx merely nodded in response.

”Now that the gang's all here we can get down to busi…..” Suddenly there was a crash outside. Ruckus was common in the city, but this close to the G2 house? ”The hell is going on out there?”

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Suddenly the door was broken down and several SWAT members rushed into the room. ”FREEZE! OCELOTE, PERKZ, YOU ARE UNDER ARREST FOR POACHING! YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT!”

Ocelote’s face turned into a furious crimson, ”DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!? WHERE YOU ARE?!? I RUN THIS REGION!” Officers quickly tackled the G2 owner and restrained him as he screamed and cursed them. ”GET OFF ME! I’M OCELOTE! NO ONE TOUCHES ME! DO YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS TO PEOPLE WHO TOUCH ME?!?”

Perkz’s usual carefree composure broke down instantly, he simply hung his head and offered no resistance. Both were led out by officers, one kicking and screaming, the other on the verge of tears.

A few officers remained in the room as the rest of the table was still motionless at the table, faces of worry all around the room save two. Hjarnan was sporting the smug smile now, just enough not to be noticed. Caps on the other hand turned to one of the officers.

”So how bad is it?”

The officer co*ked his head to the former Fnatic mid. ”Do you remember 2017 Origen?”

Everyone’s eyes went wide save for Caps and Hjarnan. The latter broke out into an ear to ear grin, where the former crossed his arms and raised an eyebrow. ”That bad huh?”


As the old G2 staff were now mentally crapping themselves and Hjarnan happy as can be, Caps merely sighed and leaned back in his chair. They then heard a crash and a shock from outside as the cops tazed Ocelote. Hjarnan couldn’t contain this any longer. He turned to Mikyx with a shit-eating grin.

Well new guy, looks like we’re laning together. What’s your opinion on Heimerdinger?

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