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Off Season in the Misfits HeadQuarters

LeagueofLegends13 - Off Season in the Misfits HeadQuarters

Off in a magical place called Europe, where the memes were fresh, solo queue is more toxic than my ex’s cooking, and the players are actually talented, lies an island off the coast that belongs to a far away power but claims to be part of EU. This island was filled with the players that no one else wanted, but found a home there instead. They banded together to show what a group of cast offs and rookies could be, and so the place got its name. This was the Isle of Misfits.

The usually jubilant island was now mostly barren. They had not fulfilled their expectations nor the expectations of others the previous year, and half their number had been adopted by others. Only three of their number remained, sat around a tattered book with the words ‘How to Beat Fnatic’ on the cover.

Jesiz, the support, was the first person to speak up. ”Well they’re gone. We lose Alphari, Mikyx, and Sencux. What will we do now? I don’t know if I want to play again…”

Maxlore, the jungler, sipped from his tea cup that appeared out of almost no where. Once he finished his tea he pulled out another kettle and put it on the fire that sat nearby. Once he sat it down he spoke, “We will need to find others to replace them. The question is, where will we find people who want to go to a team that has yet to win a title?”

”We have things other than titles!” Hans Sama exclaimed. He shot to his feet and beat his chest. ”Misfits! Meeting time!” He clapped his hands and a lot of mice in goggles ran out from around the island and gathered around the three. ”What do you say guys? Do we need titles?”


Hans Sama smiled ear to ear. “We have a top tier brand!” The crowd erupted into cheers. ”We have top tier talent! More cheers met this. ”We have a raving fanbase!” The crowd went ballistic at this, but Hans quieted them down. ”And we have one more thing!”

The crowd looked among themselves before throwing out ideas. ”Legacy? Name? You?”

Hans put his hands together and leaned into the crowd. ”We have all of those, but we have one more thing. Something special! Something amazing.” He kneeled down to get closer. ”We have….. MONEY! The crowd went from quiet to insane as Hans Sama exploded to his feet and spread his arms wide while rubbing his pointer fingers and thumbs together. ”Spread the word! The Misfits want those who can play, even if no one believes in them! We want those like us! We want misfits!”

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Two Days Later


Hans Sama, Maxlore, and Jesiz stood on the beach,staring into the horizon. It had been two days since the word was spread, and no one had arrived yet.

”Do you think they are coming? Maybe we shouldn’t have said I will coach…” Jesiz was timid as he spoke up.

”Nonsense, anyone would be lucky to have you as a coach. I am sure they are just still travelling!” Maxlore comforted his friend.

”Not any more they are not.” Hans Sama ran to a nearby bell, alerting everyone on the island. ”SHIP INCOMING! SOMEONE ANSWERED!”

On the horizon was a massive ship with black sails flapping in the wind. The sails were adorned with what at first appeared to be crossed swords, but turned out to be crossed baguettes over a french flag. The man who steered the ship raised a baguette before taking a massive bite out of it.

The assembled crowd on the island was ecstatic, and discussion was abound. ”sOAZ? The best top laner in Europe’s history? I thought he retired? He left Fnatic?”

Hans Sama did not even have time to celebrate with his friends before he heard a resounding, ”ANOTHER SHIP!” He squinted to see a ship adorned paint that had been covered many times. The figurehead displayed a golden bird headed warrior with a massive staff.

”Febiven? I had heard rumors, but I never thought…..” Maxlore started, but he was interrupted mid sentence.


The group turned to see a massive ship, larger than either of the others. No identifying marks appeared on the ship, but it clearly looked like a massive banana. The crowd went silent as a massive roar was heard over the great distance. The ship suddenly rocked as a figure leaped from the ship to the shore. He landed with a massive shock, creating a massive dust cloud as the entire island was astonished by what they saw.

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A LCK champion. A player who some called one of the best supports ever. A Korean the likes of which most could only dream. Gorilla.

After the other ships landed, the five misfits players and their new coach stood among the crowd atop a stage. Baguettes, bananas, and tea showered all in attendance as the island was caught in a frenzy of festivities.

Hans Sama felt a tap on his shoulder, and turned to see a smiling Maxlore guzzling tea. He finished his gallon and exclaimed, ”We’re finally gonna win the split!”

Hans Sama laughed as he turned to the crowd. ”AND WHAT DO THE MISFITS SAY?!? ON THREE EVERYONE!” The silence was paramount as the ADC started, “ONE. TWO. THREE!”

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