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Offrole Disparity in High Elo is an Issue

LeagueofLegends5 - Offrole Disparity in High Elo is an Issue

Hello everyone, yesterday I played a game with Tyler1 after taking a few months break from league I've come back to grind again going for Grandmaster+ and streaming. After getting into a lobby with 4 jungle mains ( 3 offrole players). The lobby discussed how awful our chances of winning were looking. However, we were optimistic that Riot had implemented offrole correction so the other team should also theoretically have 3 offrole players. As we get into game it became clear that this was not the case as they had 5 on role players. The game was quickly lost.

VenomousPerfectStarANELE - Offrole Disparity in High Elo is an Issue

Leading to this reaction by Tyler1

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Now I took a break for a few months but I remember being in Moe's shoes with the frustration of having one team with more people offrole than the other but I had read that Riot was attempting to fix it. So I became curious if Tyler and I's game was anecdotal or is this really as common as an occurrence as it feels for us D1+ MMR players.

I decided to go back and check my last 78 games and count each teams offrole player and log it into an excel sheet. I compared their assigned role to their "Preferred Position" in SoloQ according to
OP.GG. Now this is not perfect as it does not take into consideration the possibility of someone randomly deciding to intentional queue off-role but below are the results.



I did not spend too much time on formatting so it is a pretty ugly data respresntation.


The most important statistics to me were that of my 78 games, 62 (79.49%) of them had an offrole and 45 (57.69%) had an offrole disparity where one team had more offroles than the other. Out of all the offrole disparity games the team with MORE offrole players only won 17.78% of the time. Finally, in my match history if a team had 2+ more offroles than the other team that equated to not receiving a single win.

Now I am currently Grandmaster but these games were pulled from D1-Grandmaster MMR and does not include the very top of the ladder with Challengers. However based on what I've seen here and the input of my peers in D1+ I'm starting to sense a very large issue with the competitive integrity of high elo matchmaking. The "coinflip" frustration spam of streamers is due to results like this where the game is decided by offroles/autofills and not actually the play of the game.

I was not even in queue yesterday for 3 1/2 minutes before I got put into a lobby with FOUR jungle mains (myself included).

I don't know the best solution here but I feel like a lot of people just assume high elo players are babyraging or believe that having offroles in this high of MMR does not matter as much as it does. Can Riot at least let me be in queue 10 minutes before throwing me in a 3 v 0 offrole matchup? I would like to start there.

I really created this post to bring attention to what is going on in D1+ SoloQ and create a discussion on possible solutions.

Twitch (First game of most recent broadcast is the 4 JG mains vs 0 offroles).



I'd like to comment to add that Riot is trying to reduce queue times. But by having so many mismatches over half of my champ selects get dodged based on players seeing offrole teammates meaning I spend maybe even longer than before in queue after going through several champ selects.

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