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One week Follow up on “New item builds for ADCs based on the data from the first 24h”

LeagueofLegends5 - One week Follow up on "New item builds for ADCs based on the data from the first 24h"

I did make this post nearly 6 days ago and we now have 1 week of data for the ADCs so I will post some changes or observations:

Some overall things at first again

  • IE is insane. You can buy it on nearly every ADC first. Exceptions are Ez and I am not sure about Kalista (no data). Varus, Lucian, Kog and Co can take it first but it is not standard and mostly niche but in this niche it seems to perform even for them.

  • ER will get buffed with +5 AD. If that happens Xayah will have an even choice between ER and IE first, Sivirs ER will get close to IE and for Ashe it will be situational as a first item. Lucian ER first could also work. But till that happens only Xayah and Sivir should consider ER over IE first in some situations.

  • Zeal items seems to still have an order: If you can use Runaans use it. If not Shiv>PD=RFC with some exceptions like MF, Corki and Jhin taking RFC over Shiv. I will not mention PD as long as it doesn't clearly beat the other zeal items on a champ. It is always an item to consider if you need the shield, so Riot achieved their goal this time it seems.

  • Standard paths for the first items:

    • BF>Zerkers>IE>Zeal
    • BF>Pick>Zerkers>IE>Zeal
    • IE>Zerkers>Zeal
    • Zerkers>IE>Zeal if you do B with low gold early (e.g. boots + dagger first B)

About the ADCs

  • Ashe: IE(/Runaans) > Runaans/Shiv/ER(/IE) > Shiv/Runaans/ER.

  • Caitlyn: IE > Shiv > RFC. You can get RFC second which is the most used path, but it has a considerably lower WR (~1.2%)

  • Corki: TF > IE > RFC

  • Draven: IE > BT/Shiv > Shiv/RFC/BT

  • Jhin: IE > RFC > Shiv/SR(/ER)

  • Jinx: IE > Runaans > Shiv

  • Kai'Sa: IE > Runaans/Rageblade > Rage/Runaans. Nashors is also an option for 2nd/3rd item if you want a more AP heavy build.

  • Kalista: BotRK(/Runaans) > Runaans(/BotRK) > BT/Rage or the BotRK > Rage > Runaans build. Not sure how IE first performs on her especially because of the Q dmg scaling.

  • Kindred: Warrior/Bloodrazor > IE/BotRK > Runaans

  • Kog'Maw: BotRK/Rage(/IE) + Rage(/IE) + Runaans(/IE)

  • Lucian: BotRK/IE(/ER) > BC/ER/IE > Shiv/RFC/IE/ER

  • Miss Fortune: DB > Youmuus > BC/EoN VS IE > RFC > BC/LDR/Shiv/… . IE seems to take the upper hand slowly at 1 and 3+ items but loses at 2 items to Lethality.

  • Sivir: IE(/ER) > ER/Shiv(/RFC) > Shiv/ER

  • Tristana: IE > Shiv > RFC

  • Twitch: IE(/Runaans/BotRK) > Runaans(/IE/Shiv) > Shiv/BotRK(/Runaans)

  • Varus: BotRK(/ER/IE) > Rage > Runaans. Lethalitly build is possible especially on 9.4 with the Q buff

  • Vayne: BotRK/IE > IE/Rage/Shiv > IE/Rage/Shiv/PD

  • Xayah: IE(/ER) > Shiv/ER > Shiv/ER/RFC

Special mentions:

  • Quinn: IE > Shiv > PD

  • Tryndamere: Shiv/IE > IE/Shiv > BotRK/DD/ER/…

  • Yasuo: IE/Shiv(/PD) > Shiv/IE(/PD) > BT/GA. Will get nerfed in 9.4

  • GP: TF > ER/IE/Youm(/PD/Shiv) > ER/IE(/Shiv)

Overall not too much changed. Some things became clearer, some did change a bit but overall it is still nearly the same.

When I have enough time in one piece I will try and do the math for crit ADCs item spikes at 1/2/3 items live compared to 9.2 and 8.10 (likely with the ER +5 AD buff already in there).

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