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Opinion on the Ryze changes and what the problems are. (Textlink is included for twitter reference etc)

LeagueofLegends13 - Opinion on the Ryze changes and what the problems are. (Textlink is included for twitter reference etc)

So, this is going to be objective feedback on the Ryze changes as well as how i feel about him as a 450k Ryze player. First lets talk about his abilities:

The flat damage increase is a really nice idea as well as the ult passive increasing it, but doing this inspires mana stacking on Ryze.. which should happen, but since mage items dont support full mana you'd have to rely on tank mana items. For example stacking frozen heart after archangels has given me the best results thus far.

Now on to the spellresets.. sigh, this part is what bothers me the most about the changes. I tried different things, like adjusting the cooldownreduction (=crd) or using different "combos" (although combos arent really possible on this Ryze version since the flow of the fight decides your spell usages.. more on that later.) but i never got the feeling of the ability-flow i have with live-servers Ryze. Based on 45% cdr, you get your Q about every 3 spells if you cast nonstop. But the problem is that the Q has like half a second before beeing usable so your ability-flow stops and enemies have time to react or get out of your CC, considering the cast-time and flight-time of Q. This can be fixed, i see that, but now im coming to the real bother with Q.. the resets are gone. Since that is the case, Ryze will lose damage, especially since his damage overall (~100 damage passive bonus doesnt even matter in the lategame) got nerfed. I mean Q is losing 30% E-Q bonus and 5% ratio, which is not getting compensated for with his passive. This all in combination with the passive cooldown-reducing forces him to constantly spam his abilities off cooldown, which leads to not beeing able to use proper combos. If you can spam every ability like you want in a fight then you have different damage and spell flow than if you have to kite ( which is actually gone since you dont get movement speed and your cast-lockdown roots you in place if you want to deal damage) since abilities are tied to cooldowns now, not resets. This forces Ryze into the old "mashing all 3 keys so i can deal damage and only considering if i should root or not" playstyle from some years ago.. all who actively play Ryze right now play this champion because he has combos, because he can kite, because he is fast, because he deals damage, because he scales exceptionally good and because of his playmaking-potential. The PBE Ryze version just makes him a CC providing brainless turret.


So onto W now.. W's concept is mostly well done as in reducing the baseline CC and emphasizing on using this ability in a smarter way. But the shielding and getting mana concept has way too many flaws, for example is your W the only way to deal with matchups that dash onto you or ganks. But you often have to use W to get mana because your spell-costs are so high that you cant push back against most matchups that push the wave. Then if you use it you have a 16 cooldown on the ability which of course can be reduced but you need to use the mana you get from the ability to farm the creeps – you will be completely defenseless just because the enemy decides to push. And the bigger part: the shield shouldnt be on W, when you need a shield as Ryze, you dont need it when you CC the enemy. They dont get to move for 1.5 seconds or a bit less, so the shield in that time goes zo comeplete waste. When the enemy decides to trade more after the shield or break the CC you will be defenseless and dont even have movementspeed to escape with your life. Not even mentioning that the shield gets used anytime when you use W so you dont even have to adjust your combos to less damage anymore to get a shield, in which case you would get rewarded for playing better while this shield on PBE is just a "this exists because Ryze is a champion with a shield" ability. You dont need to think about it anymore and try to blend it into your combo, it takes the whole depth of the kiting ability of Ryze away, its a dull ability and destroys the difficulty of the champ like the Q.. which is what we all appreciate about Ryze. Faker, labeled the "best player" once said this: "to improve on midlane one should play Ryze to learn to understand combos".. now Ryze is a "head-bashing-on-keyboard" champion. I personally am really disappointed in this.The Part that the basic ability is a slow is completely reasonable but the mana costs and the shield mechanic are just shaming the concept of the Ryze on live-servers.

E is not that bad in comparison, but it changes his power a lot as well: E doesnt deal damage on spreading is in my opinion fine, it emphasizes the proper use of Q.. this is a good idea on how to change Ryze. Not having it spread on kill and instead letting it spread by default is not that bad of a concept, but the real problem comes when you look at how it spreads and how the change affects his playstyle.. sigh… now this actually disappointed me a lot: Ryze kinda lost his waveclear.. let me explain. His E spread is way smaller for one, and you dont have Q everytime you use E.. so you are just standing there, wanting to clear the wave fast to move for example, randomly use your W and E twice just to get another Q to clear half to a third of the wave.. except lategame where you clear half.. sigh. Also, if the enemy creep-wave crashes into your tower or stands as the maximum range of the creeps then if you use E on the cannon-creep it wont even spread to the caster-creeps. That is just making one feel bad while playing. And not to mention he loses all his waveclear in lane because the mana costs are simply too high, "shit happens" huh.

Lastly lets get to R, the redeeming point of the changes. The idea of increasing the cooldown and simultaneously buffing the range was in the open since the Ryze change with his E dealing true damage back in season 8, i think it turned out really nice.. maybe even too strong. It was always talked about how Ryze should be better for SoloQ, even for people with not that much experience on him. I think this is a good path in that direction, now its easier to make use of the ult in SoloQ but the rest of the kit is just a downgrade.

This is true in terms of damage, kiting, flow, waveclear and laning ability. Ryze is now a champion where anybody that doesnt have a full understanding of the champion cant really lane against lanebullies, hard-pushing champions and spam-ganks.. which drives him away from beginners, the opposite of what the point of these changes is.

Thank you for reading this. Excuse me if i made some mistakes with my english, im not native^^

IGN: Reïsbauer and Reichsbauer EUW.

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