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[Opinion] Riot Didn’t learn from their mistakes with Nexus Blitz and is doing the same thing with TFT

LeagueofLegends12 - [Opinion] Riot Didn't learn from their mistakes with Nexus Blitz and is doing the same thing with TFT

Back when Nexus blitz came out there were so many players excited for this game mode, myself included. It was new, fast paced, exciting, and just all around fun. For those that don't remember or weren't around, when they released Nexus Blitz in Beta they also released a series of missions with it which required farming the mode a decent amount for the rewards. Full list here for anything curious Thanks /u/imSakura for the list!

After playing all of those missions I was quite tired of the game mode, even as an avid Nexus Blitz fan. This was partially due to the amount of games you had to play and partially due to the randomness of each match, meaning you could play 5 games and still not get the event or reward you needed for a mission. Even if you did get the event you needed there was a chance your team wouldn't win the event, which was frustrating in regards to the missions.

Riot later announced that because of the lull of players playing the game mode towards the end of the beta, they would not be making Nexus Blitz a permanent game mode. Now everyone has different opinions about this, personally I feel that the missions were a big tiring factor of the game mode, and both tired players of the game mode and deincentivized players from playing the mode once there weren't any rewards on the line.

Now over to TFT. Riot release the game mode in Beta along with a series of farmy missions, requiring you to play many many games in order to get the highest rewards. Personally once the first phase of beta was over I had zero desire to play any TFT because I was both tired of the mode and I knew a new beta phase was coming with new rewards. I understand that ranked adds a whole different layer to this, but I'm trying to just set aside ranked and compare normal TFT Beta to Normal Nexus Blitz Beta.


With Phase II beta well underway I feel completely exhausted of the game mode. The play X games to stage 4-5 Missions are incredibly boring and require a ton of grinding, especially if you let a week or two's worth of missions stack up. With Stage 4-5 taking a minimum of 20 minutes to get to, this week’s missions alone require *a minimum* of 460 minutes or 7.66 hours of TFT, and that's assuming you immediately get out immediately after stage 4-5, or even make it stage 4-5. My average TFT games last 30-35 minutes, which brings that time up to 805 minutes or 13.4 hours. On top of my normal league addiction that's quite a bit of time. Yes, I understand that I could just not play the game mode or not go for the rewards or whatever, but I really want to push for the Summoner's arena Skin, so I need to grind these missions to get the reward. The point is not that you need to play a lot of games to get the reward, the point is that having to push for a reward in such a narrow time frame burns you out of the game mode.

The main difference between these two game modes is that TFT is not going anywhere, and is a lot more heavily invested into than Nexus Blitz ever was (Little legends, Ranked Mode, multi-phase beta pass, etc.) However I just think that Riot did not learn from their mistakes in Nexus Blitz and is encouraging the same level of player burnout in TFT.

TL;DR – Riot burned their players out of Nexus Blitz, they are doing the same in TFT.

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