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Part 3 (Final) – Dopa reveals his secrets after his last season

LeagueofLegends6 - Part 3 (Final) - Dopa reveals his secrets after his last season

Before the translation

This post is a translation of a video that Dopa put up on his youtube channel.

It’s the continuation of a different video, and I’ve translated the previous video and divided it into 2 different posts. I would recommend reading those first if you haven’t read them already.

post #1 post #2

A rough translation of this video already exists on Reddit, but I thought that I would be able to add a bit more nuance to what he says, and show the connections between what he’s saying and why he’s saying it.

This video is a bit different from the previous ones in that there isn’t one underlying idea behind what Dopa says. He talks about whatever comes to mind, but the topics are still a bit connected.

Coaches, Head Coaches, and drafting

(TL’s note: I want to clarify something. The eastern coaching system may be a bit different from the west, in that the roles of a ‘Head coach’(감독) and a ‘Coach’(코치) are a bit different. I couldn’t find better terms in English, so that’s how I decided to translate it. ‘Head Coach’ could also be translated into ‘director’ or ‘Supervisor’, but I thought that “Head Coach’ would be more appropriate.)

I’ve often thought about drafts while watching pro games, and have a lot to say about it. Before I start, there’s something I want to say just in case you get the wrong idea about my opinions. As many of you know, I am close friends with Cvmax(DRX coach at the time of posting). None of what I am about to say comes from him, and to be honest we don’t even talk about anything League related. Most coaches and head coaches won’t like what I’m about to say, so I’m just trying to make sure that you guys realize this has nothing to do with him.

Just as people have fantasies regarding pro players, people also seem to have fantasies about what coaches do. I personally think that Head coaches and Coaches aren’t the ones responsible for drafts. In other words, to say it badly, I don’t think that Coaches and Head Coaches are very useful when doing in game drafts.

I personally can’t understand the concept of being taught League by a diamond or master player. If I was a pro, and some guy came to me and said “Qiyana is pretty OP these days. Why don’t you practice Qiyana?” I would obviously say yes, but would that mean I actually took his advice to heart? I don’t think so. From my perspective, I can’t fathom how a player would truly be able to take that advice. Despite that, all teams seem to need a coach and head coach, and most players seem to agree on that. So why would teams need them?

My conclusion was that the Head coach is a kind of manager, and that coaches are people who take various opinions and merge them together. League of Legends are in their teens or twenties, so many of them aren’t very mature. They might not want to get out of bed, or they might not want to practice with the team. The head coach is the guy who solves all these problems. He makes them scrim at certain times, and forces them to practice when they should. He manages their lives. He uses his authority to keep the team running smoothly.

Coaches are people who take in the opinions of the players and keep them all on the same page. Let’s say that the team’s top laner thinks that Kalista is OP and only tries to play Kalista all the time. Then the Coach would bring the team together, and prepare his theories behind the game. He’d talk about the bot lane meta, talk about the importance of champion pools, and then suggest to the team that other champions would be needed. The important thing here is that he can only ‘suggest’ his opinion. Then the players would talk about it, and in the end they would all be on the same page. If the coach wasn’t there, then the players wouldn’t come to the same conclusion as often. A coach is there to stop in-game conflict between players who all have their own opinion.

Before teams go to play in tournaments, they should all have the same set of ‘concepts’. Through the Coach, they should all have the same understanding of how to play out the game. Whatever happens in-game, there’s nothing the Coaches can do to help. If the opponent brings out a sudden joker pick that nobody was expecting, it’s up to the players to play the game out. The coach might remind players of things that they may have forgotten, but as far as I can tell, players should be in charge of the general flow of the draft.

Of course, I’m not saying that Coaches and Head Coaches are unimportant. Being able to keep the team functioning smoothly and making sure that all of the players are using the same set on Concepts is important to making a strong team. I’m just saying that Coaches and Head Coaches are not people who have a powerful effect on in-game results. Then again, I’ve never been a pro, and I’ve never received feedback before, so I have no idea how coaching actually works.

Do you guys know the clip from 2016 World’s Semis where Kkoma says “I know that we didn’t lose because of the MF pick, just like you guys, but I’m going to ban it anyways”? That’s a game where Bang and Wolf were too stubborn to admit that they lost because of MF support, so Kkoma used his authority to override their opinions and banned MF anyways. That’s the kind of authority Kkoma had. That resulted in them winning worlds that year. So there may be cases where coaching is impactful.

3 in a row

There are many games where teams use the same champion 3 times in a row, and the opposing team didn’t change their draft. The reason they keep the draft the same is because they think that the loss was due to in game mistakes, and that the draft was perfectly reasonable. While it may be true that mistakes lost them the game, I personally think that according to the Attention theory, the losing team also had a higher chance of making mistakes. The team that won will just play the same, and they won’t make mistakes. The team that lost, however, will start to question the pick, which leads to a loss of attention. So why don’t they change their draft? It’s because they don’t think about attention in the same way that I do. Their understanding of the game is different from mine. Isn’t that interesting? It shows how unique each person’s ‘world view’ is. Learning about someone’s world view and their ‘Concepts’ is like reading a fun novel.

On that note, I think that competitions are a direct challenge between different Concepts. Each player has their own set of Concepts that they use to build their own world view. The teams that won Worlds all had concepts that were different from those of other World’s teams. At that level, I think that the difference in execution becomes somewhat minimal, as all players are of a certain caliber. The much bigger difference is in how they understand the game. Luck also plays a big role in Worlds because of the curse of mastery. If the champions that you excel at are meta, then you have an advantage over the competition. If your playstyle fits the meta, then you have a much higher chance to win. Pro players can’t just change their playstyle according to the meta, so you have to be lucky enough to be in a meta where you can shine.

Achieving rank 1 8 seasons in a row

As you guys probably know, I’ve held the rank 1 spot at least once for the last 8 seasons. As time progresses, I can feel that I’m not as good as I used to be. Back in season 3 and 4, I could hit rank 1 on command anytime I felt like doing so. It took me 3 weeks in season 5, 4 weeks in season 6, 6 weeks in season 7, and 8 weeks in season 8. In season 9, I was rank 1 at the beginning of the season, so it’s hard to give an exact estimate on how long it would have taken me, so we’ll skip that. This season, it took me 3 months to finally reclaim rank 1. You can see that it’s taking me longer and longer every time, and that’s because I’m not good enough anymore. I don’t deserve rank 1, but I forced myself across the finish line somehow this year.


This season, I didn’t really want to claim rank 1. But I did it again this year because I wanted to make a point. I believe that solo queue rank and actual skill level aren’t closely related. As long as you utilize all kinds of tricks, such as dodging, you can inflate your LP way above where you should be. If I said that without actually getting rank 1, it would sound like an excuse, so I got rank 1 one last time in order to prove my point.

Advice to aspiring players

When I was younger, I wasn’t perfectly aware of how high my level was. That applies to other players as well. Younger players sometimes aren’t aware of their value, so they constantly get paid less than they’re worth. Older players are paid more because of their reputation, but that doesn’t always mean that they’re better. I’m getting worse with time, but my value always seems to rising. If you are a young player, make sure that you are getting paid enough for your worth.

Red Queen hypothesis

I read something the other day that struck me as being similar to my situation. Have you guys heard of the Red Queen hypothesis? It proposes that when species are pitted against other opposing species, they must constantly adapt, evolve, and proliferate in order to survive. They are constantly evolving, yet that evolution only serves to keep them in the same place. If they didn’t evolve, they would die off. That’s me. I’m constantly evolving and absorbing new concepts, but it only serves to keep me in place. So what is dying off? That’s when you get stuck in diamond 2.

(Starts reading wiki page on The Red Queen hypothesis)The Red Queen hypothesis also states that no species can transcend the other and win the battle singlehandedly as long as they keep on competing against each other. The only thing that they can do is to keep on evolving to maintain balance. It also says that sometimes one species can make a significant advancement. I wonder if I still have it in me to make a significant advancement. I once had this false hope that I could transcend other players and become someone like Flash or Bisu (legendary Starcraft players). They were so much better than others in their prime, and still play the game at a high level today and stream. They are still the best players that play the game. League, however, has too many new players for the old guard to remain at the top without evolving. You can’t stay at the top without actively evolving, unlike Starcraft.

Game settings

A lot of you guys might think that physical setup doesn’t matter much, but that’s because you haven’t found the perfect setup for your body yet. This is connected to the Attention theory. There are some days when you play well, and others when you play badly. I won’t deny that form changes from day to day, but it’s not that important. The important thing is who you’re playing against. When I play against gold or platinum players, I don’t need to obsessively fix my setup. Even if I only use 30 of my attention, and leave the other 70 alone, I can still win easily. But when I match up against opponents like Showmaker, I need all the attention I can muster. And if my mouse feels slightly off, that takes away some of my attention, which I need to play the game. However, if my setup is perfect, I can focus on the game. The stronger the opponent, the more attention I need, and that makes every last bit of it matter. That’s why I’m so obsessive over my setup.

Do you guys want to know about my setup? My desk always has to be perfectly level, and the monitor has to be 47.3cm away from the edge of the desk. I also have some tape at the edge of the desk, and I use stick that tape to the side of my chair to make sure that my chair is in the same position every time. (He continues to talk about his setup obsessively)

How to find your own perfect mouse sensitivity

Have you guys tried using aim booster? Personally, I think that the best way to use aim booster isn’t to just click all the circles as they come up. If you really want to find the perfect setup, make your aim booster window small. Then, move it to a corner of your screen, and move your mouse to the center of your monitor in between clicks. Repeat this for all 8 directions (Edges and corners), and you’ll get a sense of which direction feels uncomfortable to move in. (Time stamp 33:34 if you didn’t understand)


Let me tell you how to check the quality of montages. You don’t look at the champion or the skill usage or the reaction speed, but the names of the opponents. You guys have seen a lot of Irelia montages right? Have you ever seen me in any of them? The answer is no. I don’t let them style on me like they do to other people. If someone was truly skilled, there would be videos of them styling on players like Chovy and Showmaker. But those montages don’t exist. Why? Because good players would never expose themselves in a way that would make those montages possible. Always look at the other player’s nickname. There are lots of youtube channels that show master tier players dueling it out in a flashy manner, but those montages are all meaningless. Against better players, that duel wouldn’t have happened in the first place.

In my opinion, the most amazing play in World’s history was made by Ambition in the second game of 2017 Worlds finals. Against some of the best players in the World, he managed to hit 3 people with Jarvan’s eq combo. He actually also used q twice with one e, and still managed to get them airborne. It’s not just that he used his skills perfectly, but that he managed to do it against players of that caliber.

Random stuff that might be interesting

– Anyways, see how long it takes me to explain stuff? If I start blaming other people while playing solo queue, just assume that I’m right and stop talking about it. In the rare case that I rant about my teammates, there’s a good reason behind it, even if I don’t explain it to you guys.

– Some guy in chat: You once said that Faker established many of the concepts that mid laners use today, can you explain?

That’s a classic example of what I mean when I say that I steal concepts from other people. I was playing against him, and for some reason I kept on losing for some reason. My movements were restrained, and he always seemed to know where I was. I watched the replays, and I learned how his creative ward placement would restrain my movement. So I stole that, changed it a bit to fit my playstyle, and used it to win.

– These days, the value of a kill is way too high. If the opponent gets a kill, it’s not something that you can overcome just by crashing in a few waves. The AD assassin items in S10 were OP because they were cheap compared to the value they gave. Draktharr was broken because you could always tell if the enemy had vision of you. Presence of Mind and Ravenous Hunter were also super OP, so kills were worth much more. (TL note: They were both nerfed. The video was recorded before preseason)

– If I were to go into the specifics of the Concepts that I have created, it would take at least 10 hours. I don’t plan on doing that.

– If you guys think that some of the stuff that I said contradicts itself, it’s probably because most things are situational. Nothing is always true, or always wrong. And I didn’t plan this out in advance, so I might babble on at times.

TL comments: I tried my best to translate what Dopa said without losing the nuance in the process. My translation doesn’t cover 100% of the topics that Dopa brought up while he talked, but I believe it covers almost all of the topics that Reddit would be interested in. Thank you for reading these posts!

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