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Patch 10.24 Explained

LeagueofLegends13 - Patch 10.24 Explained


Amumu's W does less damage over time, because Rito realized that having a built-in Funfire on top of an actual Funfire build isn't fun for literally anybody but Amumu.

Hecarim does less damage with speed and is also slower, because a warded river doesn't help when their Jungler moves at speeds measured in Mach.

Kayle gains less attack speed from her passive. Instead of attacking 40 times a second, she will now only attack 20 times a second, bringing her from an 85% winrate to an 80% winrate. Good job, Rito.

Samira now does less damage when melee attacking, and has a decreased dash range against immobilized enemies, because somewhere, somebody realized that the ability to dash in, gain 500 health per auto-attack, and do mondiferous amounts of damage with a sword might be a tiny bit unbalanced.

Somewhere (Oregon) a Riot office was put in charge of rebalancing Tryndamere. Using their recently-legalized hard drugs, they came to the unanimous decision that Tryndamere should be removed. Just kidding. The heroin made them see the light, and his Q now does MORE damage.

Varus was completely revamped. Like basically all of his abilities have a new passive. I won't even try to explain it, if you care that much about a champion I have seen exactly twice, then go look it up yourself.

Yasuo and Yone's synergy with Rageblade has been nerfed, as their whole "we have twice the crit chance and twice the Rageblade damage" was exactly four times too much for everybody else to handle. Their extra crit chance is no longer factored into Rageblade damage.


The BORK now costs 100 more gold and adds 5% less attack speed, as if either of these two were the problem with it.

Cosmic Drive now adds 75 AP instead of 70, which will probably help somewhere, I guess. Big steps, Rito.

Demonic Embrace does .3% less magic damage with the Azakana Gaze passive. Wait, how is this item different than Liandry's again?

Eclipse's cooldown has been extended, after the Tanks unionized and demanded more playing time.

Emberknife and Hailblade do less Omnivamp, another wonderful step towards removing life steal from the game forever.

Essence Reaver now reaves 10 more essence.


Kraken Slayer got buffed, because part of the agreement with the Tank Union was making the Kraken Slayer do more damage. Illaoi protested, but nobody cared.

Liandry's Anguish does 1% less damage ratio with the torment, because somebody at Rito actually logged onto the game for once and realized "Wait a second, this is fun for nobody."

Lich Bane has 10% less damage ratio, because being nuked by an ADC who wasn't there .3 seconds ago goes against commoner notions of "fun" and "playability".

Luden's Tempest gives half as much movement and 5% less damage ratio, because getting run down by a rodent with a blowgun falls last on the list of "things I want to happen" and first on the list of "things people do to other people when they weren't hugged enough as children."

Moonstone Renewer has been buffed, probably because nobody stays alive for more than 3 seconds when a Kai'Sa with a Kraken Slayer can burst anybody down.

Nashor's Tooth does less on-hit damage, because obviously the 100 AP, 50% attack speed, and resulting 143.33% gold efficiency weren't the problem.

Night Harvester and Hextech Rocketbelt got neutered as part of Rito's effort to remove tactical AP nukes from the game.

Phantom Dancer costs 200 less gold and lasts for 1 more second. There has been a shocking rise in Minions attending therapy due to the fact that most people don't like it when another person literally phases through their body. Kayn and Yi could not be reached for comment.

Prowler's Call does more damage, because what do we need in League? More dashes.

Riftmaker does less void corruption damage per second and maxes out at 10 instead of 15. Probably because the spicy true damage Funfire was hated by literally everybody.

Serpent's Fang does more damage, because it felt left out after nobody was building it.

The Tear of the Goddess line takes less mana to upgrade to the Muramana. My theory is that due to aforementioned tactical AP nukes, games rarely last past the 15 minute FF mark.

The rest of these are bugfixes and skins, so typical Rito fashion. Happy Summoning!

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