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Patch 10.25 Explained (Champions)

LeagueofLegends1 - Patch 10.25 Explained (Champions)

Since this patch is absolutely massive, I'm actually going to split this into two separate posts, one for champions, and one for items.

There's a new kid on the block, and I'm here to explain her to you. I suppose mashing together a few champions, slapping a cool name on Shecarim, and making an ungodly ability set was easier than just fixing a game as balanced as the Vietnam War.


Passive – Yoink the enemy armor, make it your own, and deal damage based on how much you've yoinked. Expect 100% banrate from Rammus mains as Rell threatens their status as the best armor-havers.

Q – Rell thrusts with her lance, triggering her passive, breaking all shields, and doing a healthy amount of magic damage. Additionally, her and her bound ally both regenerate health. This goes through multiple enemies as well, making a Nami-Fizz-Kench sushi shish kebab finally possible. Bon appetit.

W1 – Rell hops off her mount, knocking enemies airborne and subsequently giving Yasuo 3% more winrate. She then enters a discount Pantheon E. Off of her horse, she moves pretty slowly.

W2 – Rell and her horse sit down, talk things out and decide to move 15% faster than normal. Her next attack also throws the enemy over her shoulder, but this takes all of the gusto out of her newfound super-duper-speedy-weedy-horsey-worsy.

E1 – Rell decides that while having the most armor since the Panzer VIII Maus might be a good strategy to never die, it might not be the best if your teammates are as durable as a napkin from a little kid's birthday party. She can give up some of her hoard of (mostly stolen) armor and give it to a teammate.

E2 – Pressing it again stuns everyone around and between you and that teammate, an odd combination of Shen's sword and Jax's E. How is it possible that the teamfight lasted four seconds and I was stunned for twenty-three?

R – Zarya launches a gravity bomb… Wait. Rell pulls enemies in a lot, then gives them false hope by only pulling them in a little. Additionally, on top of stealing armor, she also stole Mordekaiser's passive, and does magic damage the whole time she's drawing them in.

Other than the new champion, our deeply loved and appreciated current champ list has some pretty big changes too.


The reason they gave for nerfing Amumu was, word for word, "Amumu's winrate was exceeding acceptable bands" and then they proceeded to describe every awful part about playing against Amumu. I guarantee they just played against him once and realized that the League community is usually right when they complain about things. He gets less mana, does less damage on his tantrum, and his Ult now has to earn it if he really wants to stun you for 2 entire seconds.


Even though fighting against Anivia already means getting slowed into the past, this wasn’t enough and her projectile attacks now move faster too.

Anivia’s Q hit puberty, and decided that since all the cool kids have a chill effect, it wants one too. Now does more damage, is available more often, has a shorter cooldown, and costs less mana. Oh, and it moves faster too.

Her E now has a flat mana cost, and does more damage, just to make sure that your frozen prey doesn’t escape.

For a champion built around slowing people down, she sure values being fast, and somehow her Ult is now available every 4/2.5/1 seconds. That’s right. A literal one second Ultimate cooldown.


Everyone’s least favorite child gets less movespeed off her E, which would be useful if I wasn’t busy fighting that stupid bear the entire game.


This just lends credence to my belief that Midlane Ekkos are up by 300% this season, because they made Ekko a more viable jungle pick by upping his damage against monsters.


He gets less mana per level. I would write more, but I'm still trying to get over the fact that their official justification was "Fizz has been faring swimmingly…"


Being that fat and moving that fast wasn’t enough, and Gragas extended his disregard for our petty laws of physics and chemistry by brewing 200 proof alcohol. He gets more healing from his passive and less cooldown on his W.


Gets 2 more attack damage, which will surely be noticed by the 13/3 Darius. Her Q has a second less on the cooldown, but it doesn't matter because it's League of Bursts now and fights don't last longer than 6 seconds.


It wasn’t the dark harvest. It wasn’t the lethality build. No, the reason we’ve been getting murked by Jhin is obviously because his Grenade has 10% too much AD ratio. Yep, Rito has saved us all.


Ivern’s Q has less cooldown, because on top of Anivia’s buffs, Riot just really doesn’t like it when people move.

On that note, his E has less cooldown and gives a marginally bigger shield.

Finally, Rito recently taught their employees how to round but not which way to round, so Daisy’s attack speed went from .623 to .7.

One last thing. "To help root Ivern as a stronger jungle pick" has me weak in the sides. Whoever is on pun duty (puty?) at Riot needs to get paid more.


His Q does less damage and costs less mana, so he can earn the kill a little bit more before he steals it anyways.



I'm actually pretty proud of this one. Riot took away 1/5th of Kayle's damage ratio off of her E, which is actually a really big change. She also has less magic resist. Good Job, Rito.


Kayn and his weapon fought a little too much, and Riot took away some armor and damage and put them in time-out. Also, he can only see his Q on the weekends now.

Lee Sin

Stevie was wondering why he didn’t do any damage, so his E now does 20 more damage. He also gets a little bit more armor at the beginning, per his ADA settlement with Riot.


Riot’s marketing department has decided to expand into the actual game, and buffed Lulu’s Q in about every way possible. The prestige skin is gonna be a hit for sure now.


Mordekaiser got a fat buff, and his BONK gets twice as much extra damage from attacking the lonely Camille splitpushing on the other side of the map.


A Riot dev was recently rooted by Morgana. In that time, he went and cooked dinner for his entire extended family. After making sure everyone had enough to eat, doing the dishes, and storing the rest away in tupperware, the Riot dev had even more time on his hands, so he went to college to pursue another degree. He had a grand time, and even stayed an extra 2 years just for fun. Upon graduating, he still had some time, so he decided that Morgana’s W should be nerfed. And then the Q wore off.


Nasus decided to return to the olden days when Shurima was great and CDR meant his Q was available every .5 seconds.


Her Q costs less mana and does more damage, getting her closer to claiming Xerath’s current title of Sidestep Simulator. Her E costs less mana and the cougar is starting to get tired of his spirit being channeled.


Good Ol' Panth got an huge rework, so I guess I'll try to explain every little detail.

Pantheon gets 5 stacks when he recalls, so you don't even get any warning when he flies out of the fog of war with empowered abilities. He moves a bit slower, though.

He gets more mana refunded if he uses his Q early, along with it costing less mana, but it doesn't slow anymore. Just one less champion to get run down by.

His W gets more damage, to properly murk the person who couldn't fight back anyways.

His E heard the folk tales of these things called "towers" and decided to not block their shots anymore.

Pantheon's absolutely insane javelin throw distance earned him both an Olympic Gold and a 50% slow where it lands.


I bought Rengar a tent because if he was gonna camp my top lane, he might as well do it comfortably. However, the Riot devs lured him away into the jungle by making his W better against monsters, and he now goes on weekly safaris using my tent and sends me postcards.


After bodying my bot lane and claiming their health bars “for the collective”, Riot decided to take away some lifesteal from her E and R until she agrees to be more responsible with it. Also, instead of knocking people up, Samira just keeps people that are already in the air airborne for .5 more seconds. Yasuo-Samira volleyball?


The way to fix an okayish support and an awful midlaner is obviously to give her 10 more health per level and a shield on her W. Takes about .03 seconds longer to burst her down.


Taliyah’s Q no longer has reduced damage against monsters on subsequent hits, meaning I might actually see someone play Taliyah for the first time.


I’m beginning to think Riot had a random number generator between 1 and 152 and gave whoever it landed on a slow. Talons W slows for longer, along with less mana cost and more return damage.


Twitch gets more attack speed after his Q, giving you even less time to react before the invisible rodent guns you down like a dog. Additionally, his W was one of the recipients of RNJesus’s slow, and his R does more damage. I think he legitimately found a VC field guide or something.

Yasuo & Yone

1% extra attack speed growth. I won't even think of a witty comment for this one, the bros have had it rough recently and they needed a break.


His passive now does 2 more damage, which matters for… some reason? I think the intern forgot he was supposed to contribute something to the patch and scraped something together at the last minute.


His E now does more damage against monsters, so maybe people will stop taking him top and take him jungle more. Perhaps I could have fun in my lane once more…

That's it for champions, and I'll post the item patch notes and my corresponding list of complaints next.

Small note: I apologize for the formatting. I actually write these posts for the blog on my website, and only started posting here when my friends commented that you guys might appreciate these patch notes. Much love and I'll post the item patch list soon <3

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