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People seemed to enjoy it, so here’s LoL fighting game intro dialogues Part 2

LeagueofLegends10 - People seemed to enjoy it, so here's LoL fighting game intro dialogues Part 2

Part 1 here (check the comments for more intros written by others)

Miss Fortune: Tell me, what did you ever see in Gangplank?

Illaoi: I like a man who doesn't break.

Miss Fortune: I'd prefer him broken.

Illaoi: I should thank you. Gangplank had stagnated. You reminded him of his path.

Miss Fortune: His path should have ended in a watery grave.

Illaoi: He was already drowning. You merely reminded him to swim.

Illaoi: I'm not surprised you survived.

Gangplank: What can I say? I'm a hardy man.

Illaoi: If you could survive me, you can survive anything!

Kled: Have I been drinking mushroom juice, or are those tentacles?

Illaoi: These are extensions of Nagakabouros' will!

Kled: Nagaka-what now? You've been stealing my mushroom juice, aintcha?!

Braum: Now you've been drinking your milk!

Illaoi: Nagakabouros demands strength.

Braum: As do the harsh winters in Freljord.

Illaoi: You go where you please, and do as you please. It is the way of Nagakabouros.

** Braum:** And helping everyone in need is the way of Braum.

Illaoi: An admirable resolve!

Braum: I believe stern lesson is in order for you.

Mordekaiser: Hah. Am I supposed to be intimidated, worm?

Braum: Does not matter. Your armor will not stop Braum fists.

Mordekaiser: You'd make an excellent addition to my army.

Braum: I am no soldier. I am Braum!

Mordekaiser: You'll fight on the frontlines of the Black Mist!

Braum: Smoking is bad for health, you know.

Graves: I've done a lot of things that's bad for my health. Why stop now?

Braum: Looks like I need to beat bad habit from you.

Graves: Think that shield of yours can stop my gun?

Braum: It could stop a volcano. Does that answer it?

Graves: Where did you find that thing?

Braum: Your games are dangerous. They hurt people.

Shaco: But that's what's so fun about them!

Braum: In that case, let's play. Just you and me.

Lux: I've always been scared of jesters.

Shaco: You were right to be. We're always there, watching you from the shadows.


Lux: Then I'll burn away the shadows!

Kled: YOU! What're you grinning at? You laughing at me?

Shaco: Ahahahaha…yes.


Shaco: Why so serious?

Swain: Having to listen to your ear-piercing voice can sour any mood.

Shaco: Now that's just rude!

Jinx: Let's give you a big hand! Need a hand? Do you often get hand-outs?

Swain: Are you done?

Jinx: Well, I was gonna do one with handsome, but that's stretching the truth too much even for a pun.

Irelia: The warriors of Ionia will rise to stop you!

Swain: Our troops will ignite your world and bring home the glory.

Irelia: Our legends never die.

Irelia: We need to show constant vigil, if Noxus was ever to return.

Master Yi: I can assure you, my skills are as sharp as they have ever been.

Irelia: Show me then. Let me see if Wuju still lives strong.

Master Yi: You wield your blade with ferocity, not discipline.


Master Yi: Prove it to me.

Master Yi: Hello, cat person! I am strong sword man with weird glasses!

Nidalee: I don't think that's how he talks.

Neeko: But he has weird glasses.

Nidalee: You've chosen the wrong hunting ground to wander into.

Sion: I go where I want, and crush whoever gets in my way!

Nidalee: You won't crush anything else when I'm done with you.

Nunu: Don't hold back just because I'm a kid, alright?

Sion: I never show mercy. To anyone.

Nunu: Ummm… this guy's scary, Willump!

Willump: Willump sounds

Nunu: The two heroes approached the ogre, which said…

Sion: I will crush your bones to dust!

Nunu: But it did not scare them!

Kled: screams

Sion: screams

Skaarl: screams

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