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Perkz performed much better then Caps this Worlds

LeagueofLegends13 - Perkz performed much better then Caps this Worlds

Not trying to beat a dead horse but think it's interesting that with everyone writing Perkz off this year, he performed the best of all the western mids at this tournament.

Caps got crushed by Scout and Rookie and it didn't show until this finals fully until Broxah was outperformed by Ning.

Yes, Rookie also outperformed Perkz in the semifinals but he was never put in a good position from the draft and Ning is leagues ahead of current Jankos and still Perkz looked solidly ahead of Caps, even generating a decent lead for his team in Game 3 which Caps failed to do even with a free first blood.


Perkz was the best western mid in 2017 and you can make the same case for 2018. Yes Caps looked super strong but he failed hard when it mattered most and a lot of his weaknesses are shored up by Broxah, Soaz/Bwipo and Rekkles playing so well while Perkz was on a dysfunctional G2 that only managed to find a solid identity at this tournament. Teams HAVE to be taken in account, it's why we know Faker would've still dominated this tournament despite SKT being a dumpster fire.


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