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Petting Akali

LeagueofLegends5 - Petting Akali

This was not going to be an easy task. You knew that she would only let you pet her if she was caught off guard, and a ninja like her was never off guard. So naturally, you decided to go ahead and try to pet her anyway. You climbed up the tallest tree you could find to see if you could spot her and Shen.

Akali was walking side by side with Shen down a dirt-trodden path on the side of a hill. Around them, the trees' blossoms bloomed a beautiful canvas of fuchsia and pale pink as far as the eye could see. Petals drifted gently on small drafts of wind, trailing on the faintest lines of magic present in the air. Shen and Akali seemed to be arguing lightly about a topic that you didn't care about. Your eyes narrowed in on your target, and you began to walk towards the path.

You knew you had to make it seem natural, as if you were just a traveling stranger that happened to cross them. Otherwise, they would likely flee, or worse, ask Kennen about you. That would blow your cover, and you'd never get the chance to pet their heads if that happened! You looked at the path ahead of Akali and Shen, and decided to walk out of their line of sight so you could approach them in a natural and non-suspicious manner.

Once you reached the path, you began to walk towards where Akali and Shen would likely come from. Being careful not to bring too much suspicion towards yourself, you pretended to be awed by the sight around you, before actually being awed by the sight around you. The crystal clear blue sky barely peeked through the trees' canopy. It looked like pink fireworks had been lit by nature herself in a dazzling display, just for you. As you looked ahead, the trees seemed to bend inward over the path, almost creating a tunnel of high reaching branches and leaves that let light filter through, creating a scene straight out of a fairy tale. In the center of that scene, two figures began to approach down the path.

You could see Akali and Shen barely tilting their heads to murmur to each other. Shen's eyes were glowing. Was your cover blown? You tried your best to suppress your panic, and continued to walk towards them with a slow and casual gait. As they got closer, you smiled at them, and waved, pretending not to know who they were. Akali waved back, a gentle smile on her face. Shen walked directly towards you, the spiritual energy in his eyes fading away.

"I know what you are here to do." Shen calmly pronounced. "What makes you desire this?"

Your answer was a simple shrug, and a smile. His tone relaxed your body, and made you feel at ease. You knew he wouldn't try to fight you, as he had likely seen that your intent was free of malice.


"Very well. Start with me." Shen bowed his head down towards you. The formality was off-putting, and Akali's facial expression of confusion matched your own.

"Shen, what are you doing?" Akali asked, before looking at you. The question remained in her eyes, but she didn't say anything else.

You gently pet Shen's head. It felt like petting a soft rock. He was still wearing his mask, so it simply felt like his fabric. He straightened himself, before nodding to Akali. Akali's confusion had etched itself in her face. She didn't think she had ever been this confused before. "Did you just let a stranger pet your head, Shen?" Akali turned her head away slightly, almost wishing she weren't here.

"It was an enlightening experience. You will find it most illuminating." Shen stated.

Akali gave a halfhearted "whatever", and dipped her head slightly for you, and rolled her eyes.

As you lifted your hand, you could sense that she was on edge, like a wire pulled taut ready to snap. She likely knew that if you tried anything funny, she could easily dispatch you in an instant, but you understood. It never hurts to be on guard. As your hand came down on her hair, you expected her silky hair to feel smooth. It was not smooth. It felt like sandpaper. It was gritty. You pat her head, and it felt like you were smacking some crunchy gravel on top of a concrete skull.

"Why is your hair so gritty? "It looks so smooth!" You asked Akali. The disconnect from your expectations and reality had given you whiplash, and you were still slightly disoriented.

Akali simply laughed, and turned away. Shen turned from Akali to you, and explained that she keeps her hair looking silky, yet feeling rough to use as a surprise weapon in the most dire of emergencies. A quick whip across the face would likely leave a welt, and could cut skin like a small serrated knife would.

"That experience was so illuminating, Shen." Akali gushed sarcastically. "Come on, let's get going!" The slight smile on her face was one of repressed childlike joy. Your actions were full of innocence, and that made Akali drop her guard ever so slightly.

Shen nodded, before muttering under his breath: "I know what your goal is, and I will not stop you. I know you will visit me once again. I look forward to meeting you in the future." Shen bowed, and then walked away, as if he had just said the most natural thing in the world. You were left wondering how on earth Shen had learned that you wanted to pet every champion in the game.

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