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Polishing already existing champions should be the priority over releasing “new” champions.

LeagueofLegends3 - Polishing already existing champions should be the priority over releasing "new" champions.

Swain, Viktor, Katarina and Anivia are all recevied some quality changes over the course of the preseason or much sooner (Swain) and they all became much better more viable picks than they used to be and nearly all of them are on a balanced state ( Swain can play on every position besides jungle and Kata is still karen) so overall these changes landed pretty well.

Taliyah got a small amount of changes and her overall playrate skyrocketed from the least played champion into an 5.3% pickrate champion. This proves that Community would love to play champions that are less popular than Ekko if they are given some love and having an actual balaning on their kit.

Right now there is 153 chmpions in game and the plan to release 6 champions/year is a joke because there is no example in history where quantity toppled quality on long terms.

Look at this year's champion releases:
Sett, Volibear,(rework),Fiddlesticks(rework), Lillia, Yone, Samira, Seraphine and Rell.
Some of these champions has nothing unique and if not broken they ware vanished into the game without a memory of having something remarkable, or memorable in the. Broken as hellchampion like what Samira used to be who held 75% bann rate (still around 50%). Look at Rell. She's kit looked interesting on paper, but when I play her I feel like it's a Budget version of Leona. Seraphine is what a Sona rework would have looked like with some Aatrox in the mix while keeping her sleeper op. Yone is the mid-late game assassin version of Yasuo and his kit is even fitting to him looking at the lore and fanbase. To keep the interest in the game they should focus on updating less popular picks and increase their viability in the current state of the game by modernizing.


Please write down in the comment section when was the last time when you where excited for the release of a champion. Like really excited. Mine was perhaps Aphelios when the design is a champ is ot that good, but the kit is fenomenal. I'm still somwhat sad about he was OP the butchered down into nothing, instead of proper balancing (Hope runaan gold nerf helps him)

I just think the time of unique champions has gone and 2.0 version champs will be released more frequently. This would not be a problem if reworks and readjustments would happen more often than champion releases.


If you look at the pick rates here you will see how many champions are in need of love and quality changes (don't check winrates as they are tricky here because of the dedicated mains). Azir Kalista Trundle for example are in a really bad shape. Aurelion Sol needs mechanical changes or power shift to make him more approachable (play 2-3 games on him and you will feel you are playing with an unfinished champions who's kit is a mess, I dare you to test him) and Ryze is still waiting his next big rework.

Point is the already existing champions need so little love to become much better yet not game breakig picks.

If I can have a wish for new year I wish for more reworks and/or readjustments for the game we all love.

Have a happy new year all of you and stay safe.

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