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Pre-Season 11 and a huge rework are coming, and with that a good amount of rage and critics. Let’s take some time to appreciate past pre-season changes.

LeagueofLegends8 - Pre-Season 11 and a huge rework are coming, and with that a good amount of rage and critics. Let's take some time to appreciate past pre-season changes.

The new Pre-Season is coming, and with the item rework there will be tough times. Many players will get confused and will probably hate the changes. But remember that these changes are what keeps League alive, and what makes every season unique. Let's take some time to appreciate the changes made in past pre-seasons that made the game essentially better, even those that may have been hated upon when they were new. Even if the game may feel frustrating at first, it generally turns the game into a good direction. Balancing may take some time, and bugs will arise, but it will settle and we'll realize how good some changes were. Remember that the game designers, developers and everyone involved in the game are persons as well, and may make some mistakes. Giving feedback is fine, and is probably what made the game what it is today, but harassing or personally attacking developers will never serve any purpose. Remember to give constructed feedback!

I made this list of (what I see as) the best things every pre-season (or mid-season) brought and how they made the game better, funnier or turned into a healthier meta.

  • Season 3: Jungle Items & Rework (which made jungling possible for many new champions and attracted new players into the role, ARAM (the only new gamemode that survived and has a consistent playerbase) and the new ping system (which made communication a lot easier).
  • Season 4: Support Items (essentially reworking the Support role and making it a better place), introduction of Trinkets and changes to Warding (making vision a team effort and not just a support task).
  • Season 5: New Summoner's Rift (often considered the first step into League's modernity), new Smite Upgrades, Champion Mastery and the removal of DFG (considered one of the most toxic items in League history).
  • Season 6: The introduction of Hextech Crafting (which allows players to get free skins and content), the first iteration of Elemental Dragons and Rift Herald (which gave more importance to objectives).
  • Season 7: The Lethality Stat (which gave assassins proper itemization), changes to Rift Herald, Jungle Plants, the asked-for-years Practice Tool, and the new Honor System.
  • Season 8: Runes Reforged, one of the best changes in League's history, which allows players to get more strength, be more flexible and not have to spend tons and tons of IP just to get a rune page. The rework to leveling, and tons of free Blue Essence for old players.
  • Season 9: Turret Plating (which essentially killed one of the most boring metas ever of turret rushing, and also gave a new way for players to get advantage in lanes without getting kills), Death Recap update, the first year of Teamfight Tactics, and the rework of League System, introducing Iron and Grandmaster, and reducing divisions from 5 to 4.
  • Season 10 (or Season 2020): Elemental Rifts & Dragon Buff rework (making each game more unique), new Support Items to fit multiple needs in the support role (making AD supports a real thing), reward changes & multiple spawning for Rift Herald.

This is what I think are the best changes in history each Season. What are your favorite changes in League's history?

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