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Predicting who gets this years ultimate skin (if there will be one)

LeagueofLegends8 - Predicting who gets this years ultimate skin (if there will be one)

We all know the failure of ggmf by now and I think riot wants to make up for it this year. So I'll be predicting who will get this year's ultimate skin.

Lane, till now we have had 1 support being dj Sona, 2 ADC being ezzybwoi and miss fortune, a Midlaner with elementalist lux, and a top/jungler with sg udyr. But for the sake of this post I'll consider udyr to be a strictly jungle champion because that is his main position. With that we notice that there is one lane without a ultimate skin, being the top lane. So my prediction is that it will go there.

Previous skins, they will probably release an ultimate skin for someone who hasn't got any skins in a little while so I exclude all top lane champions that had a skin released in the last 6 months.

Popularity, speaks for itself I mean who would buy a skarner ultimate skin.

Creative opportunity, it's more likely that a champion that uses some kind of unique mechanic will get the ultimate skin, with this I mean that they can do way sicker things with champs like Kaylee and kayn.

Gender diversity, the last 3 ultimates were all female, so it will most likely be a male champion.

Dedicated player base, almost all previous ultimates went to a champion with a dedicated player base like lux mains or Sona mains. So they will likely do that again since that will probably mean more money for them.

Final top 4, I searched 4 champs that ticked most of these boxes do here they'll come. (This list has nothing to do with my own opinion since I would obviously give it to my mains). I wanted it to make a top 5 but I noticed that these 4 make so much more sense then all other champions that I decided to exclude the 5th one


1: gankplank, last skin was an epic skin for the pool party event, and actualy this guy hasn't had much skins at all. He can be flexed top and mid and also has some room for creativity with his e. Also this guy has never had something better then an epic skin, while he has a pretty big and active player base. Also he becomes meta almost like any year so he's a pretty consistent pick.

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2: sion, this guy is very popular in pro play and solo queue, and is almost always viable. He also plays top, mid and occasionally support and is one of the most popular toplaners in leagues history. He has one downside tho and that is that he already has a legendary skin and till now all champion with an ultimate skin have only had epic skins this far, but he is still quite likely to make it.

3: riven, not much to explain here, she is probably one of the most mained champions and her players are really dedicated to her, she has gotten a leggy skin before so that makes it a bit less likely and she also is female, but still I wouldn't be surprised if she would be make it to the list of champions with an ultimate skin.

4: Cassiopeia, this one may seem a bit surprising but still it could make a lot of sense, Cassiopeia is a pretty popular mid and top lane mage. Also she had a huge spike in popularity since this preseason. Another fact is that her quality skins till now are pretty much non existent, she only has one good skin and that is her ethernum skin. She also has the ability to become and evolving ultimate since she is half human and half snake. But again if she gets it she will be the 4th female champion in a row.

Also keep in mind that there will also be the option that there won't be any, because they have skipped a year before.

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