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Preseason Followup: The Buggiest Champ

LeagueofLegends6 - Preseason Followup: The Buggiest Champ

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Hello friends!

Friendly neighbourhood gravedigger here. I posted in the preseason feedback/bug report thread a couple months ago, particularly as pertaining to Yorick – a very, very bug-fraught champ – as seen HERE.

I thought I'd follow up on what bugs were and weren't fixed in the last 2 months.

There's a reason why his playrate and winrate are BOTH at historic lows right now.


Bugs that directly affect Yorick

Maiden and ghouls don't apply tear items.

Other than (very specifically) Maiden stacking only Manamune. To add insult to injury, the wording of Muramana has been changed to say "Ability strikes", implying an interaction with ability-effect-applying pets – an interaction which ALSO isn't present.

Yorick ghouls and Maiden don't apply Moon Strike.

This is a big one. Eclipse has entirely stats Yorick likes, and a passive he SHOULD have a unique interaction with – his E+Ghoul jump is two separate instances of different ability damage, and thus should apply it, making it a brilliant item on him. In reality, they don't apply it, and the item is useless, especially post-nerfs.

Yorick Ghouls don't apply corrupting pot.

This one is very ironic, as a few years ago, they DID apply Corrupting pot – back before they applied spell effects. At that point, they likely shouldn't have, and this was a bug. Now, they DO apply spell effects, and thus SHOULD apply spell effects, but ironically, that same patch that gave them spell effects took away the corrupting pot application. Go figure.

Yorick Maiden doesn't apply Conqueror.

Yorick is a pretty crappy user of conqueror, due to his inability to stack it fast outside of abusing one specific bug. A big part of this is that Maiden doesn't apply conqueror, removing a source of a stack from his kit entirely. It's rather funny/sad that champions like Garen and Wukong (on their spins) are artificially tweaked to be able to use conqueror better, but Yorick – which exactly the same access to Grasp, and less access to other runes – has been bugged on it for such a ridiculously long time.

Yorick Ghouls and Maiden don't apply Elder Drake, Infernal Soul, Ocean Soul.

These is obviously pretty huge, especially in the hypothetical cross-map Maiden push plays that were core to Yorick's design.

Yorick Ghouls and Maiden don't apply cheap shot.

The E slows, the ghouls jump: This is a very basic interaction that Yorick should be able to use extremely well, and yet it has never been present in the game.

Yorick Ghouls don't apply Contract Killer (FIXED).

This is one of the few semi-relevant Yorick bugs that has been fixed. Is Collector a great item on him? Nah. Does it set up some nice cross-map push power? Sometimes.

Yorick Ghouls don't apply Cleaver execute damage.

This one is a little ambiguous, as the wording says it doesn't apply on periodic damage, but pets are usually treated as AOE damage for the purposes of vamp and other such effects. As ghouls are the ONLY physical magic dealing pets in LoL that don't come with onhit damage (Wukong, Shaco), Yorick is literally the only champion in the game negatively affected by this interaction – if it is truly not intended, perhaps it should be, as it would be an isolated buff to Yorick at a time where his winrate and playrate are abysmal.

Yorick ghouls and Maiden no longer apply The Grudge (FIXED).

This is one of the few blessings the new items have provided us. Serylda's Grudge, whilst squishy and niche in usage, does give a nice recurring slow on ghouls after Yorick's E has worn off.

Yorick Ghouls and Maiden don't apply new Ravenous Hydra.

As they apply ability effects, they should – a fix which would, again, support Yorick's intended crossmap play by allowing the player to invest into ghoul pushing power.

Yorick Ghouls and Maiden don't apply Night Harvester.

Useless interaction for Yorick unless he ever received (proper) AP scalings as Illaoi did, I've included the AP bugs for consistency's sake, and to hopefully help isolate the code source of the bugs.


Yorick Ghouls and Maiden don't apply Demon Helm burn (FIXED).

There was a niche build last season where Yorick would build Liandry's to support his magic damage via ghoul-burn and damage amp, and/or to bypass armour stacking champions. However, with Liandry's now being Mythic AND no longer providing health, the next best thing is the new Demonic Helm. It's not nearly as good, and it's sad to see that burn gone, however should the Cleaver execute damage be fixed on ghouls, perhaps that DPS burn build is not completely dead?

Regarding Grevious Wounds

For some reason in practice tool I can't see any Grevious debuffs applied to dummies, so these were hard to check. I believe ghouls apply Executioner's and friends, however whether Maiden applies Morello (As she has other interactions missing) and whether displacing someone with Yorick's W (As has had previous interactions missing) I am not sure.

Yorick Ghouls and Maiden do not apply Spelldance (FIXED).

Pure AP item on a no-AP champ. Would be a brilliant item for gapclosing otherwise.

Yorick Ghouls and Maiden may not apply Vital Link (UNSURE).

I've not checked this one in-game, and allied dummies in practice mode appear to be invincible. Considering the other bugs regarding ghouls, it wouldn't surprise me if this one were overlooked. The use of it would likely be very limited, but perhaps in some niche build, cross-map ghoul combat could result in local heals as is expected; I don't know.

Yorick Ghouls and Maiden don't apply Focus Fire (CLARIFIED).

The tooltip has since been changed to clarify that pets don't apply this. I personally disagree with that limitation (despite it being useless on Yorick anyway due to it being full AP), but I can't call it a bug anymore.

Yorick Ghouls and Maiden don't apply Luden's Echo (FIXED).

It's very ironic that the majority of the bugged items that have been fixed on Yorick are the useless AP ones.

Yorick R recast limiter is unaffected by CDR (old), Ability Haste, or Cloud Drakes.

This is another blow against cross-map play, as the static 10s can be a long wait. If this is intended to be a static cooldown, it should be stated as such.

Cloud Drake

As I understand it, the Cloud Drake bug on recast champs, as pointed out by Vandiril

has also not been fixed. Given Yorick's R has one of the highest uptimes in the game, this massive bug disproportionately affects him.

NEW: Pets take additional damage from jungle monsters. (Kinda not a bug?)

It was technically listed in patch notes WAYYY back as a way to nerf the Malzahar jungle that was rampant at the time, however those times are long gone, no pet junglers are currently strong (Yorick jg being the closest to viable but still suffering), and there's no reason for this poorly documented inconsistency to be in the game.

Overall, Yorick's been in a crappy spot for a while, and preseason has made it far worse.

This is largely because while other champions got shiny new interactions with the new items, almost all of the interactions that should be synergistic with Yorick are bugged to be not-present.

A code consistency pass on his Ghouls and Maiden to apply spell effects as they should would help this champion a lot.

This would give him better access to Eclipse, Muramana, Cheapshot, Corrupting Potion, Conqueror, Dragon Souls, Elder Dragon, and potentially Ravenous Hydra and Cleaver among others.

As for potential buffs, should that not be enough:

Making ghouls classify as single target abilities would do a lot of good. This would enhance Yorick pet crossmap and in-combat abilities (Hydra, Cleaver). This would provide Yorick better access to other Keystones (Conqueror better stacking, faster Comet resetting). This would provide Yorick better sustain as a bruiser/tank in a game now full of sustain bruisers/tanks (Omnivamp no longer AOE). This is a very easy change that would seriously increase his build and play diversity, and whilst it does reduce consistency across pets, Riot has proven willing to artificially tweak various spells to reinforce synergies – again, like WuKong and Garen with Conqueror.


Providing Yorick's Ghouls modest AP scalings (5-12% per ghoul) would allow further diversity in his builds without providing free damage to preexisting builds.

Thanks for reading!

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