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Profile of G2’s Playstyle

LeagueofLegends1 - Profile of G2's Playstyle

This is not my work – the analysis belongs to /u/TormentedLoL who has now become /u/RengedLoL in lieu of recent issues. He posted the breakdown in a different subreddit and I am merely sharing it here.


  1. I do not do this professionally so keep in mind that my opinion is just that – my opinion. I'm likely going to be making claims about how I think the game should be played and these might not align with your views.
  2. The region I watch the most of is Korea. As prep work for this writeup, I have watched all of G2's games from LEC Playoffs as well as rewatching all of their matches in Groups and Worlds Quarterfinals. Bear in mind that my limited perspective is off of these recent few matches
  3. I will qualify the above – that recency bias is more useful either way if you want an analysis of how a team is performing at Worlds. For example – we aren't going to look at C9's VoDs from Spring to analyze how they would do at this World's – different metas, different playstyles.
  4. Special Disclaimer: G2 is probably the team you guys are the most familiar with. Unfortunately – I don't watch much LEC. My perspective is based on a limited number of games so if you disagree, you'll have to bear with me.

G2 plays a fast-paced style of League of Legends that highly values mobility. They move their pieces around the map in precise strikes on neutral objectives or the enemy team and are incredibly decisive with their playmaking. Jankos is used primarily to accelerate Caps to enable the star mid-laner, but will also take opportunistic ganks on the side lanes if available. While G2 is not reliant on being on the play in the same way TES is, they look at their best when they do dictate the tempo.

  • In LEC playoffs their early game uses Jankos and sometimes Mikyx to break open mid lane so that Caps has control. And Jankos ganks for Caps. A lot. A vast majority of their early ganks that convert are in mid lane. And most of the time you'll find one of their players hovering around the area. While Jankos certainly does occasionally gank top/bot, the success rate of these ganks is far lower – G2 looks best when Jankos can enable Caps.
  • If Jankos, Mikyx, or both can establish a lead for Caps, G2 loves to rotate a 3/4-man core to weakly defended enemy territory to secure neutral/enemy objectives or to capitalize on their initiative. G2's bread and butter playstyles uses their snap decision-making to rapidly move around the map and punish the enemy team if they do not have control over the tempo.
    • https://youtu.be/3obUgYhvVPE?t=863 G2 vs MAD Lions – LEC Summer Playoffs Round 1 Game 1Watch Mikyx. The moment the control ward sees Mad Lions, he begins channeling Hexflash and G2 prepares to fight.
    • https://youtu.be/3obUgYhvVPE?t=1186 G2 vs MAD Lions – LEC Summer Playoffs Round 1 Game 1
    • https://youtu.be/KfcMX-Hgbss?t=1005 G2 vs FNC – LEC Summer Playoffs Round 2 Game 3
    • https://youtu.be/KfcMX-Hgbss?t=1422 G2 vs Fnatic – LEC Summer Playoffs Round 2 Game 3
    • https://youtu.be/KkmHna9xtdQ?t=1370 G2 vs Fnatic – LEC Summer Playoffs Round 2 Game 4Here, when Nemesis and Hylissang show bot lane, G2 collapses 4 members onto FNC's exposed top outer turret near instantaneously while Shen stays bot to absorb farm. Fnatic loses an entire cannon wave on one of their carries who was already behind, while G2 immediately razes the turret and still doesn't lose out on the opposite side of the map due to Shen being there. The top side of the map becomes exclusive G2 territory which allows them to take the Herald for free – but without missing a beat, once the objectives in the top side of the map are taken, they immediately cross country to the other side to prevent FNC from contesting their Soul Point Dragon
    • https://youtu.be/VbnT6yNqkvY?t=735 G2 vs SN – Worlds 2020 Group Stage Day 2
    • https://youtu.be/VbnT6yNqkvY?t=1133 G2 vs SN – Worlds 2020 Group Stage Day 2Notice that the moment G2 begins to threaten the bot lane Tier 1 turret, they move Jankos, Caps and Mikyx to the adjacent side to look for potential exploit on any of SN's players that move to defend
    • https://youtu.be/IKWRdJkl3i8?t=724 G2 vs Gen.G Game 1 – Worlds 2020 Quarterfinals
    • https://youtu.be/IKWRdJkl3i8?t=939 G2 vs Gen.G Game 1 – Worlds 2020 QuarterfinalsG2 rotates 4 members to the mid lane to look for BDD. In response, Gen.G moves their players to defend BDD but because G2 has a composition that covers ground extremely quickly, they turn the tables on Gen.G by taking out an isolated Ruler due to the consequent rotation
    • https://youtu.be/IKWRdJkl3i8?t=1605 G2 vs Gen.G Game 1 – Worlds 2020 QuarterfinalsWith TP advantage, G2 spots the opposing 4 man core trying to establish vision around Baron, and completely collapse on the exposed Gen.G team.
    • https://youtu.be/JmvomX6larM?t=1234 G2 vs Gen.G Game 2 – Worlds 2020 Quarterfinals
  • In essence, G2 plays a 4-1 pick style of League of Legends. They look for lop-sided engages and move extremely quickly around the map to exploit windows offered by the enemy team. Wunder is key to this playstyle as G2 relies on his stability and availability of teleport to create more windows.
    • This is why often times once G2 successfully cracks Caps out of mid lane, the focus will go to cracking Wunder out of top lane. A G2 that can play around a Wunder teleport is much more lethal than a G2 that cannot
  • G2 has one of the more unique playstyles around territory among the semis teams. While more traditional teams establish territory and defend, G2 likes to compromise neutral or enemy territory that the opposing team is in. When I say G2 plays the pick game, they aren't just picking champions. They pick off exposed neutral objectives like Dragons or Turrets, or even just denying enemy team farm to access win condition.
  • G2 also possesses strong individual qualities that let them play outside of their comfort zone reasonably well. Their players coordinate and team fight well even when off the play, making them a particularly difficult nut to crack.

G2's Weaknesses

  • G2, like TES, look much better when they are in command than when the enemy team is. The best drafts for G2 are the ones that enable their rotational map play. Nidalee-TF-Camille or Pantheon support comes to mind. Limiting G2's playmaking potential stifles the team
  • In perspective, the Claps/Craps meme has an inkling of truth. Now before you get your pitchforks, I'm not saying Caps is a coin flip player. Craps isn't when Caps is running it (though maybe it is, I haven't seen that many Craps performances in the games I watched), but when G2 can't enable Caps well enough. G2 is much more lethal with Caps spearheading. Teams that can stifle Caps (think DoinB) will do much better against G2
  • Rotational matching
    • https://youtu.be/N5VjNv6bD50?t=1052 G2 vs SN – Worlds 2020 Group Stage Day 5Teams that can predict G2's rotation and match them have a chance to blow open the game through even-numbers skirmishes.

Thank you all for reading! This concludes all of the teams in Semis. It's been a great time watching through all of these games and trying to find play patterns or breaking down the anatomies of how these teams work. I hope you enjoyed reading my work as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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