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Proving “Smurf to challenger streams” are on shared accounts

LeagueofLegends9 - Proving "Smurf to challenger streams" are on shared accounts

I'm been getting frustrated with seeing all of these streamers "smurfing for content", so I built a tool to prove they are not leveling them up on their own. I extended my hobby project to include a smurf-hunter capability that will identify overlap between accounts games to prove account sharing.


My main account was in game on August 2nd, 3:15pm. The game lasts 35 minutes My "smurf" started a bot game to level up on August 2nd, 3:30pm. The game lasts 13 minutes. 

It is not possible for me to have played on both accounts at the same time. Therefore, account sharing has occurred.

For big streamers, they seem to be very aware of how obvious this is, so they often get the account leveled up on a different server, or they have someone "hand-level" the account many weeks in advance to make this very hard to notice. Fortunately, with the help of Riot's API and some programming it is very easy to catch these scenarios.

Proof in action – TFBlade:

The biggest offender so far has been TFBlade. Here's the output of my tool when comparing his last 2 smurfs "T0P KINGD0M" (screenshot from his twitter) and his current "TOP WAVE CONTROL" (twitch vod with him on the account):

 }, { "infraction":  }, { "infraction":  } > 

There are 3 infractions where both accounts were in-game at the same time. Each of the infractions includes links to the offending match histories. This is clear that TFBlade is account-sharing.


How does it work?

I look up the accounts via Riot's API, load the account match histories, and then check for any game times on different accounts that started within 1 hour of eachother (potential overlap). If any started within 1 hour of eachother, I fetch more match details and check to see if the game times actually overlap (definite overlap).

The code is public on Github if you're interested written in ExpressJS. You can run the server locally if you have Node JS installed by calling "node ./index.js" from the project root. The example URL to call for this TF blade example is:

localhost:5000/api/v1/overlappingGames?region=NA1&summonerNames=T0P KINGD0M,TOP WAVE CONTROL 

Note that you would need to register for Riot's developer API and register for your own key. My key is not committed alongside the project, and any keys in the git history have expired.

Edit: To be clear, I don't expect any outcome from this post. I'm disappointed that smurfing is so common (especially among streamers), but I'm just sharing something fun I made while learning a new programming language.

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