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PSA: botrk passive deals less damage with stormrazor/rfc (and “sometimes” with other on-hit items too)

LeagueofLegends7 - PSA: botrk passive deals less damage with stormrazor/rfc (and "sometimes" with other on-hit items too)

Recently I've been building an item build optimizer for my website, and was puzzled to find out that botrk was performing consistently better in my simulations than in-game. After spending some quality time with practice dummies, I guess I found out what's going on.

You probably know botrk passive is based on target's current HP (10% if melee, 6% if ranged). A more subtle fact: the current HP is calculated before, not after, the hit lands. So against a 1000-HP dummy, botrk passive is supposed to hit 100. Armor/MR is set to 0 to ensure no rounding errors.

  1. botrk only: AD 113, hits 213 => botrk passive: 100

rg6eequgjj861 - PSA: botrk passive deals less damage with stormrazor/rfc (and "sometimes" with other on-hit items too)

  1. with Stormrazor: AD 153, hits 241 => botrk passive 88


  1. with RFC: AD 113, hits 201 => botrk passive 88


  1. with Stormrazor and RFC: AD 153, hits 229 => botrk passive 76


So, it looks like the current HP is calculated before the AD part of the auto, but after the on-hit effects of Stormrazor/RFC. But this is not consistent with other on-hit items.

  1. with Guinsoo: AD 113, hits 253 (Guinsoo 40) => botrk passive 100


Now the fun part: with Nashor's Tooth, Wit's End, or Muramana, it depends on whether you bought botrk first or not. If you buy it first, botrk passive deals 100 (current HP is calculated before the on-hit effects). If you buy it second, it deals less than 100 (calculated after the on-hit effects).


6-1. botrk and then nashor: AD 108, hits 208 => botrk passive 100


6-2. nashor and then botrk: AD 108, hits 204 => botrk passive 96


7-1. botrk and then wit's end: AD 143, hits 243 => botrk passive 100


7-2. wit's end and then botrk: AD 143, hits 241 => botrk passive 98


8-1. botrk and then muramana: AD 172, hits 320 (muramana proc 48) => botrk passive 100


8-2. muramana and then botrk: AD 172, hits 315 (muramana proc 48) => botrk passive 95


Changing the item slot order didn't matter.


botrk passive deals less damage if
1) combined with Stomrazor and/or RFC (not sure it's intended)
2) bought after Nashor's Tooth/Wit's End/Muramana (definitely a bug)

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