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PSA for people facing Yone: Damage to shields isn’t echoed by the E mark.

LeagueofLegends10 - PSA for people facing Yone: Damage to shields isn't echoed by the E mark.

What do you mean, crazy public announcer impersonator?

I mean that for the purposes of calculating damage in this game, dealing damage to a shield that is protecting a champion doesn't count as damage to the champion itself. To the best of my knowledge, this applies to all champion-applied shields (via passive or spells), items (like Sterak's and other Lifeline passives), Barrier, and the Earth Soul.

What does this mean for Yone?

Just as it says on the tin. Damage dealt to a shielded champion won't be stored by the mark from "Soul Unbound" (his E), effectively making shielding 25-35% stronger (based on the level of his E) at preventing his all-ins compared to normal health. At present, Yone doesn't seem to be overkilling his targets by a whole lot of damage, so a shield on a vulnerable target may very well prevent Yone from killing them outright.

So you're saying I should just play Orianna and Lulu mid every time I see a Yone?

Wh- no? I didn't say that. Don't do that. Unless you just particularly like playing Orianna. However, Orianna, Lux, Diana, and enchanter supports like Lulu/Janna will probably be points of frustration for many Yone players (and many may never truly understand why their burst damage feels so different with a Janna on the other team). Also if for some god-forsaken reason the enemy locks in multiple mark-mechanic champions and you wind up facing Zed and Yone you might want to consider that pocket Orianna pick for the long con.

Wait? Zed?

Yeah, this is an artifact of the zany way shields in the game work, and also applies to Zed's Death Mark. Barrier and Support Shielding can be a life-saver at stopping Zed from snowballing. He's slightly more flexible, and as a true assassin he tends to over-kill his targets by a more significant margin, but you can absolutely use Barrier to bait and watch as Zed mains overestimate their burst damage because the Barrier ate an entire Duskblade proc + E.


Okay, so I'm an Orianna main now. Any other tricks?

I just said you didn't have to play … ah forget it. As a matter of fact, yes! The most fun and absolutely niche use of this mechanic is that

. After many (justified) nerfs to shield duration, most won't last long enough to protect you for the full duration of recall, but you can often get away with recalling through someone checking your recall through a bush with poke spells by shielding yourself before hand. Morgana vs mages can also pretty much free recall if she's out of sight because they can't even CC you to stop it. It's also useful if you're the support trying to protect your buddy's recall. It's also basically core Rakan tech since you can stop your Xayah from taking damage and then follow her out.

Also, less usefully – damage to shields won't trigger Death's Dance's mitigation or bleed (though shields will prevent the bleed damage), and you can't Red-Pot Vamp off of shielded target. Be careful when dueling in the late game! Death's Dance's healing mechanic is more generous than that and will still give you health back for hitting shielded targets – however many effects worded as 'damage to champions' such as Taste of Blood and Aatrox's E passive won't give you returns for bapping a shielded target.

Neat! What other wisdom do you have for me, mysterious information dispenser?

Uh … don't wear white after Labor Day, don't play in traffic, and even clear parties are Light Rampant Prog. That's all I got about league for the moment.

##TLDR## Shields are extra good against Zed R, Yone E, and can sometimes let you recall even through you got hit.

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